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How to Tell if a Ruby is real?

How to Tell if a Ruby is real? Here is the complete guide for Ruby is one of the precious and highly demanded gemstones. Color of Ruby range from pink to blood red. It is one of the precious minerals corundum. Ruby is also one of the traditional cardinal gems others are, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and diamond. Ruby’s name is driven from the Latin word Ruber which is known for the red.

Do you know, Ruby is known as “King of precious stone” for its uniqueness and its dominant beauty?

It is the Birthstone of a person born in July. Ruby yields many benefits to individuals and especially those born in July. So if you a person born in July you can manoeuvre the following benefits:

How to Tell if a Ruby is real?
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Benefits of Ruby?

  1. Gives Mental Strength:- As ruby is believed to be associated with the sun it is believed to enhance the mental wellbeing of a person. Hence, Ruby gemstone is felicitously known as the king of gems. Ruby is believed to impart mental health and enhance the nobility of the individual who is wearing it by several notches. It works successfully in removing self-doubt and it is used in treating depression as well. An individual who is wearing a Ruby stone has experienced increased self-confidence and increased passion for life.

2. Brings Fame:- Ruby is considered to be a magical stone that brings success along with name and fame. As it brings positive self-notion to a person, the Individual becomes more capable of being a successful person. But for this miracle, you have to see which shade of the stone will work for you and in which jewelry the person should wear it.

3. Improve your relations with the paternal side:- As the sun is considered the father figure in Vedic astrology. It is said that it cast a positive impact on the paternal relationships of the individual wearing the Ruby stone. It is said to remove all the strain from your paternal side of the family resulting in improved relationships.

4. Enhanced Wealth and Status:- As the ruby stone brings fortune to the individual, they met success which results in higher status, authority, and luxurious life. When they have financial resources they lead an imperial and luxurious lifestyle which “aww” everyone.

5. Healing Property:- Ruby has healing energy as it is believed that any gemstone that is found in the core of the earth has healing properties. Ruby is known to improve the eyesight of a person, restore vitality and augment blood circulation. People who are suffering from the Deficiency of Vitamin C. If you have health issues like diarrhea, indigestion, or backbone problems, Ruby Is the stone that will help you with its healing property. Even if you have a cardiac problem, haemorrhages, and irregular heartbeat, with the help of Ruby gemstone you can heal yourself.

Ruby has a miraculous property to obviate all your physical and mental problems. But to get the right benefits you have to see whether you are purchasing the real benefits or not. Below are the points that you need to keep in your mind while purchasing Ruby Gemstone.

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How to Tell if a Ruby is real?

  1. Look for Flaws

Like the moon has flaws, Ruby which is considered a beautiful gemstone also has flaws that you cannot see with your eyes. You have to use the microscope to see the tiny flaws. When you use microscopes you will see the natural stains of imperfection within the stone. As Ruby originates in the erratic and dangerous conditions below the earth, they are susceptible to inclusions and debris.

But the challenge here is that the flaws are so tiny that gemologists are able to see them with the help of a process called spectroscopy. These flaws cannot be found on the Rubies that are handmade. As it is difficult for a buyer to check but it is not impossible so you see the flaws from a jewellers tools called loupe. You will see that synthetic Rubies will be flawless as these tiny flaws are only present in the natural rubies which are nature made

2. Rub Test

Another way to see if your ruby is real or not is by scratching them. If you scratch it hard and you see a red color left behind on the surface of the stone you should know that the Ruby is fake. You can use Ruby to scratch on a smooth surface like a piece of glass. A real ruby never leaves its color on any material. But there can be other reasons as well if the Ruby does not leave a  red color on the material.

Ruby is as hard as a Diamond, as on a Mohs scale it is measured 9. It is the second durable stone in the collection of the gemstone. So when you scratch it on any surface it will not leave any scratch marks on the material. But if do leave the scratch marks you should come to know that it is fake. Other tests are a more reliable source to whether the Ruby is real or Fake.

3. Price and Size of Ruby

Rubies are very expensive. But if you get a Ruby at a less price then you should be smart enough to know that it is synthetic that is man-made ruby and not the real one. because a seller who has a real ruby will not compromise on its price. Natural rubies are not even found in a larger size, so if you are getting one then think of this point and decide whether it will be a real ruby or a fake one. So in a gist, you should not go for a Ruby that is cheaper and which is large in size, as the Ruby will be fake.

Want to Buy Ruby Jewelry?

Here are the Ruby jewelry that you can purchase and make the most out of the benefits that Ruby gemstone can bring to you:

  1. Ruby Earrings for women/girls

You can wear these beautiful Ruby earrings on any occasion. These are a must to add in your jewelry collection if you are born in July, as Ruby is your birthstone that can change your life and will bring prosperity.

2. Mens Rings 14K Yellow Gold 

Get a Beautiful Ruby embedded in 14k Gold ring. This is made for men which gives a heavy and sturdy look on the fingers of men.

3. Oval Red Created Ruby Bracelet

It is a beautiful piece of jewelry with Ruby gemstone. It adores your attire and it goes on every outfit and on any occasion. It is durable as it is made of sterling metal, which is completing the entire look.


How much is a real ruby worth?

A Real Ruby is a very expensive gemstone, as described above if you are getting a cheap Ruby you shouldn’t go for it. A ruby usually cost around $1,000,000 per carat. The cost will also depend on the size and the jewelry that you are buying.

What color Ruby is most valuable?

Most Valuable Ruby comes in a color range of red to purplish-red color. In the market pure red is more prevalent and it comes at a very high price.

What is the best cut for a ruby?

Oval cut is the best and the most preferred cut for the Ruby gemstone. you will find the Oval shape ruby in various jewelry. Oval cut is also preferred because there is less of waste when it is given the shape.

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