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Top 6 Tips To Purchase The Best Diamond Pendant Ever

Be it your day trip with friends or a night party, a diamond pendant can be your companion on both occasions. Being a versatile and classic piece of jewelry, you can pair it up with any of your outfits to enhance your looks. However, for all of the above to happen, it’s crucial that you spend your money on a perfect diamond pendant having the best style, setting, chain length, thickness, and so on. So, to help you with this, we have come up with this exclusive diamond pendant buying guide. So, let’s start.

What is a diamond pendant?

In simple words, it’s a type of necklace having a small to the medium-sized diamond of any cut, clarity, carat, and color attached to the metal chain by a loop. The metal chain is mostly made of expensive metals like sterling silver, white gold, or platinum.

Tips for selecting a perfect diamond pendant

Follow the below-mentioned points to complete your jewelry collection with an outstanding diamond pendant.

Choosing a diamond

Although the metal chain of a necklace too has its own importance here, it’s the centrally positioned diamond that needs to be viewed in all its glory. Hence, the first and foremost thing for you to consider is the 4C’s of your necklace’s diamond. It must have a decent size i.e. not too small and not too large, an ideal cut for maximum brilliance, enough clarity (there must be no visible blemishes or internal flaws when viewed from the naked eye), and color (mostly white) that goes well with all your outfits and chain. 

So, this is what you must look for while paying for your pendant’s diamond.

Material for the metal chain

As a diamond pendant forms a terrific gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc., if you’re buying one for this purpose, make sure the metal chain suits the taste and personality of the receiver. For a contemporary look, you can go with either white gold, sterling silver, or platinum. While yellow metal will give you a traditional Bohemian impression. So, decide accordingly so as to come up with something fascinating and eye-catchy.

Chain length

If you have gone through our article on chain lengths, you must know what role it plays when it comes to chains and necklaces. So, keep all the factors like face shape, height, and hair length in mind of the wearer before finalizing the necklace’s length. On a rough side, a chain length of 16-18 inches fits the majority of the wearers, however, this is just an estimate. An ideal diamond pendant metal chain must sit nicely on the collarbone. 

One of the common options you can give a try is a longer chain with jump rings. In this, there are two rings at the end and set an inch apart from each other using which you can alter the length from say, 18 inches to 20 inches, and vice-versa giving it more versatility.

Diamond setting

As a precious stone pendant is mostly meant for everyday wearing, you must pay enough heed to its setting in order to keep it secure. For this, the two most popular diamond settings are the bezel setting and the 4/6 prong setting. While in a bezel setting, a more contemporary style, the gem sits firmly inside the metal covering, a 4/6 prong setting, a more traditional style, holds the diamond through soft prong-like tips of the same metal.

Ready-made diamond pendant or setting only?

In every jewelry house, you will come across two types of necklaces, ready-made including the diamond and chain and setting only. For saving time and easing the decision-making process, you can opt for the former one or if you have shopped for the diamond separately, the setting only option would be great.

Diamond shape

Now that you have finalized your pendant’s diamond setting, let’s focus on the diamond’s shape. The most established diamond shapes for a pendant are round brilliant cut, pear-cut, princess cut, and emerald-cut. If you have any confusion still left, the most common round cut would do the necessary for your pendant. 

So, these are some important factors to pay heed to while selecting your diamond pendant, be it for any occasion as listed below.

When to buy a diamond pendant?

A precious stone (or any other gemstone) pendant forms an ideal gift if you’re falling short of ideas at the last moment. Owing to their brilliance and stunning looks, most of the wearer accept a pendant as an heirloom to pass it to the coming generations. The following are the common occasions suitable for a pendant as a gift.

  • Birthday,
  • Valentine’s Day,
  • Celebrating an exciting milestone,
  • Graduation,
  • Anniversary,
  • Birth of a child, 
  • Retirement,
  • Job promotion,
  • Christmas,
  • Wedding gift, for the bride, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. 

These are just a handful of occasions. A pendant is meant to be worn and gifted on any occasion you feel the need of doing so.

How much is s diamond pendant worth?

There are several parameters that have a say in a pendant’s worth like the carat size, setting, cut, etc. For instance, a 3-stone diamond necklace will cost you around $6000 while a halo diamond pendant will cost something around $2,800. 

Whichever you buy, don’t take as a financial investment as a diamond necklace has a much lower resale value than a diamond sold separately. 


How much is a 1-carat diamond worth for a pendant?

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Taking the 4C’s into consideration, a dull 1-carat diamond will cost around $4,800 and a stunning gem from a reputed seller like James Allen will cost nothing less than $7,500.

What is a pendant?

It’s a type of necklace having a small to the medium-sized diamond of any cut, clarity, carat, and color attached to the metal chain by a loop. The metal chain is mostly made of expensive metals like sterling silver, white gold, or platinum.

What are some famous diamond pendants ever worn?

Some famous pendants ever worn include the briolette diamond necklace with a marquise-cut purple-pink diamond weighing 75 carats and a D-color flawless diamond necklace worth 163.41 carats and $25-30 million.

What is a solitaire pendant?

Similar to a solitaire ring, a solitaire pendant is a piece of jewelry containing only a single gem like a diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc. hanged in a loop attached to a metal chain of metals like platinum, white gold, etc.

Can I put on a pendant on a tennis chain?

Yes, you can put your pendant on a tennis chain only if it’s strong enough to carry the weight of the pendant. 

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