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Engagement And Wedding Rings: The Best Ways To Wear

Which finger an engagement ring must go on: right or left? Shall I wear my wedding ring first and an engagement ring later or vice-versa? Or is there another way of putting on both? These queries are so common that knowing some ring etiquettes i.e. how to wear engagement and wedding rings is getting a must. So, to help you with this, in this article, we have come up with some popular and ideal ways of putting on your engagement and wedding rings. 

Besides, some useful information regarding the two precious rings is also present for you to understand your ring(s) more clearly. So, let’s start. What is an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

What is an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Engagement Ring v/s Wedding Ring by Abby Sparks Jewelry

An engagement ring or band is a ring given at a proposal (hence, also called a proposal ring) or when the couple decides to get married while a wedding ring is exchanged at a wedding ceremony (though many don’t practice this nowadays ) to mark the official bonding of the two souls. Some couples put off their engagement rings soon after their wedding rings come on, however, many prefer wearing both to mark their love and commitment towards each other. 

Just like their wearing purpose, there lie differences in their looks too. That is, an engagement ring is often a simple band with/without any expensive gem like a diamond and is meant to be comfortable to the wearers. On a contrary, a wedding ring usually is an expensive deal with either a diamond in the center or any other gem taking its place. 

That’s why a couple might decide to preserve the wedding ring for special occasions while keeping the engagement ring on forever. Now that we know what these rings are, let’s know how to wear each!

How to wear your engagement and wedding rings?

The following are some cool tips to wear your rings without overshadowing either. 

Rings on the left ring finger

The ritual of donning engagement and wedding rings on the left hand’s ring finger dates back to many centuries ago when the ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed that our left ring finger had a vein that directly connects to our heart i.e. anything worn on that finger ought to be the closest to the heart.

This custom of wearing a ring is still popular in countries like the United States, France, the UK, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and some Asian countries as well. 

Rings on the right ring finger

You would be surprised to know that the custom of wearing a ring also depends upon the region you live in. That is, in some Northern and Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, and Denmark, you would notice their engagement and wedding rings on their right ring finger. You can also find some couples doing the same in other countries too, such as Greece, India, Brazil, Portugal, etc.

Wedding ring first, engagement ring on top

If you wish to have both of your rings up on the same ring finger, you can put the wedding ring first or at the bottom with the engagement ring at the top. So, going by this way, shift your engagement ring to the right ring finger before the wedding ceremony begins (or store the ring at a safer place).

After all the rituals have been completed and you’re about to head for your reception, shift back the engagement ring at the top of your wedding ring.

Engagement ring first, wedding ring on top

Some couples believe that it’s good to wear rings in the order you receive them i.e. engagement ring first followed by the wedding band. Doing so also symbolizes that the wedding ring has crystalized the promise you made while getting engaged to each other.

Engagement and wedding rings on both hands

In some cases, you will witness people resort to wearing their rings on both hands, an engagement ring on the left, and a wedding ring on the right or vice-versa. This is a good practice if you don’t like the way each sits on one another, or is not habitual to wearing more than one ring on one hand. 

Practical reasons for left or right hand

The region you live in and the tradition according to your family’s beliefs sums up the religious reasons for wearing a ring on either the left or right hand. But there are some practical reasons too for you to consider. If you’re right-handed, you ought to wear your ring on your left hand otherwise you may end up scratching it against or damaging it and vice-versa. Therefore, it’s suggested to put on your rings on your non-dominant hand.


Shall I wear my engagement ring forever or daily?

Yes, as already said that an engagement ring is usually a simple piece of jewelry with or without any expensive setting or gemstone, you can have it for daily wear. But the same doesn’t hold true with an expensive and precious wedding band.

Can a hand sanitizer damage my rings?

Being made up of 70% rubbing alcohol, it’s not supposed to damage your rings but if used too extensively, it might start corroding the surrounding metal of your ring’s stone or might even cause the ring to wear off a little faster.

Can I wear my engagement or wedding ring while sleeping?

Although it’s not mandatory to remove the ring(s) before hitting the bed, jewelry experts say that when you sleep in such a manner that your body weight rests against your ring, it can reshape your ring that will loosen its grip over the stones.

How long should you keep your engagement ring on?

In case you’re not going to keep both rings forever, you can remove your engagement ring but only after at least 13-18 months. 

Can you use your engagement ring as your wedding ring?

It is basically upon individual choice, Or some rituals. Yes, in some rituals around the world, there is only one ring which is offered at engagement. So, in these conditions, you can use your engagement ring as your wedding rings. In fact, it is better to have only one ring instead of two.

What order should you wear your engagement and wedding ring?

You can wear engagement ring first and wedding ring after that. Means, engagement in the inner side and wedding on the outer.

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