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How to tell if Jade is real?

Searching for How to tell if Jade is Real? Then you have come to the right place. Jade gemstone is one of the popular stones, used in various accessories. Jade stone has been a heart captivating stone for many centuries. It was discovered in the stone age when our ancestors used to trade jade objects as a form of currency. Many of the artefacts made of jade can still be found in museums where thousands of traditional lovers come to see the beauty of these artefacts.

Jade jewelry, plaques, vessels, and sculptures have been in demand for so many years. Jade stone is made up of two gems:- Jadeite and Nephrite. The two gems are very different from each other but when they are blended together they become a beautiful stone that is “Jade Stone”. Jade stone comes in beautiful pure green color but you can also find it in various other colors like red, pink, brown, and white.

Jade stone is bought for the known benefits it has on the individual.

How to tell if Jade is Real
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Benefits of Jade Stone

  • Jadestone is believed to be a lucky stone that brings fortune to the person owning it. it is associated with wealth love and sound health.
  • It is believed to be connected with water and the astrological signs of Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces.
  • As the jade stone is believed to be associated with the Heart Chakra, hence it is used in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and disorders related to blood circulations.
  • It is the symbol of love, excellence, and power
  • As it is associated with the water it is believed to affect the emotions
  • It has a positive effect on the kidney where it stimulates and regulates the functioning
  • It also strengthens the immune system

But if you are going in the market to buy a jade stone then you have to be more than careful while buying the stone. You have to check whether you are getting the real jade stone or not. To maneuver the above benefits you have to see whether you are buying the real Jade stone or not. If you are given a fake jade stone and none of the magic works for you then you might get disappointed and lose your trust in Jade stone. Hence, being unaware of How to Tell if Jade is Real? Can be really costlier for you

How to check if Jade is real?

  1. Check for Flaws

You will be surprised to know the first point that you have to check when you are buying the Jade stone. You have to check for the flaws. In other stones, you have to make sure that the stone is flawless. But here you have to check the flaws in the stone to believe that it is Jade. Flaws in the case of Jade stone are a blessing in disguise. To check the Flaws you have to hold the gemstone in your hand under a source of light.

After holding it you have to carefully inspect it and look for impurities that looks like Vein lie fibers. If you get to see the bubbles inside the stone then you can make out that the stone is not authentic. To look more carefully you can borrow Jewelry Eye loupe from the jeweller and you can see it 30  times more clearer.

2. Scratch it

Jade stone is harder than metal and it is very hard to scratch the jade stone easily. Where steel has a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale, Jade stone has a hardness between 6 to 7. Hence, when you are checking the Jade stone, scratch it and see if it is affected by the scratch or not. If it does not get affected then it is the authentic Jade stone. But if it is you have to go for other jewellers to buy the jade stone.

To scratch the jade you can take any metal like a knife, a pair of scissors, or a needle. Scratch the surface of the jade stone which is not visible. And it is advised not to perform the scratch test in the store you can do it at your home and keep all the points described above in mind.

3. Sound Test

When you test the sound of the Jade stone you will see that the Real Jade has a soft clinking sound. Jade is a heavier and dense stone when compared to the other gemstones. the sound test is more effective to get the true story of whether the jade stone is real or not. You can compare it with the glass sound and other metal’s sound to get a better idea of how the real jade sounds.

4. Temperature Test

Jade is a stone that is very cool when touched. It is a natural stone as even if you put it at a hot temperature you will see that it still remains cool. Even if it gets warm you will see that it gets cool down very quickly. To check if the jade is real or not then you should hold it in your hand and feel its temperature.

Warm it up and if the jade cools down quickly you will see that it is the real Jade stone. But you cannot depend on this test solely, because it depends on various other factors. So if you are looking to check whether the Jade is real or not, then you should rely on other test.

Accessories made of Jade stone

  1. Jade Roller 

Using the Jade roller is believed to eliminate muscle tension. It also smoothens the fine line and make the skin glow, making it healthier. It also reduces dark and improves skin quality.

2. Eyelash Jade Stones

This stone is useful when you are using the eyelash extension glue. It is specially design to hold the glue used in the eyelash extension. Glue lasts long on the Jade stone and does not dry quickly. This will help you hold your glue effortlessly and in minimal time

3. Natural Jade Stone Guasha Board 

This tool is designed the enhance the well-being of an individual. It enhances the micro-circulation of the facial blood vessels. It enhances the flow of blood, body fluids, and the lymph. This tool helps you relax can eliminate the stress that you are going through. It increases your concentration and makes you feel healthy and energized. This tool can be used on the wrist, neck, shoulders, foot, backhand, face. It is perfect for the massage therapy

4. Jade Precious Stones Chime

Beautify your house with this beautiful chime with the Jade Stone. As the stone is also believed to bring fortune, you can also buy it to bring luck in your life.

5. Jade Sleep Mask & Blindfold

This jade eye mask is known for the magic it unfurls on the individual. It helps you eliminate eye fatigue, decrease dark circles and enhance your sleep cycle. It balances your physical and mental piece and aligns your thought in the right direction.

Which color of jade is most valuable?

Emerald Green color with a rich look is the most valuable Jade. It is known as “Imperial Jade” and it is a highly valued gemstone.

How much is a piece of jade worth?

A Piece of Jade stone varies in cost. it will depend on various factors like the accessory that you are buying. Cost of the finest Jade stone can be around $3000

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