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Check-out the Purple Gemstones List

Are you looking for a purple gemstones list? You have reached the right place. A purple gemstone is a beautiful stone found on earth. But it is a rare one, you will not get many purple gemstones in the market. You can get various other colors like blue, black, Red, and green, but in purple, you get a few gemstones.

As each gemstone has its own significance, the purple gemstone also has significance in the individual’s life who owns it. Purple color is regarded as the color of the royals and nobles. It portrays power and wealth. It is considered to be a luxurious color that signifies prestige and class. Purple gemstone jewelry looks very attractive and is known for its elegance and sophistication.

Purple gemstone comes in various purple variations like violet, wine, lavender, mauve, lilac, and mulberry.

Here you will be acquainted with the purple gemstones list.

Purple Gemstones List

  1. Purple Jade

This is a beautiful gemstone that comes in various colors, one of which is a beautiful purple color. This gemstone has two varieties: Nephrite and Jadeite. Talking about nephrite it is more abundant and it is less expensive, but Jadeite is considered to be of better quality and it is costlier. A purple jade gemstone is soft in nature but the composition of the stone is hard. Purple jade is an opaque stone that has a smooth and waxy luster look. Jewelry consisting of this stone is really beautiful and charming.

Purple Gemstones List
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2. Purple Sapphire

This gemstone has a vivid blue gemstone. Purple sapphire is a rare gemstone in comparison to other purple stones. It has a chromium element that has a sapphire formation. Many people get confused between sapphire and amethysts but if you want to buy a purple. They do not break easily. Most of the sapphire is heated which enhances the color of the gemstone and increases its clarity.

But purple sapphire is not treated in such a way as it already has its own natural color. This stone is particularly used for the engagement ring. This gemstone is also preferable for a piece of jewelry that you are planning to wear on a daily basis.

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3. Purple Kunzite

This type of gemstone comes in various shades of color from pink to purple shades. It was discovered in the USA but nowadays most of the Kunzite gemstone are brought from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kunzite gemstone also shoes pleochroism that is it has the ability to glorify two colors at the same time but it depends on the angle from where it is viewed. Two colors that you can see are pink and purple but can also be colorless.

You will find the Kunzite gemstone in various beautiful shapes and as it is polished with cabochons it is very shiny. Kunzite gemstone has very good transparency and it is free from inclusions. It is a very durable stone with 6.5 and 7 Mohs scales. It is used in various types of jewelry giving a perfect look to the jewelry. But you can consider it a fragile gemstone thus it needs to be protected from impact and blows.

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4. Purple Tourmaline

The most popular purple gemstone is Tourmaline. It has a beautiful setting. It comes in a range of purple shades which makes you fall in love with you. The tourmaline shows a form of pleochroism too. Jewelry made up of this gemstone is very charming and people search for It through various sources. It gives a vibrant look to the person and it also shows different shades of purple under the light.

They are also durable with the Mohs 7 to 7.5. you can wear the jewelry of Tourmaline without any doubt and without any apprehension. You will love the jewelry made up of tourmaline stone as it has charming look and a beautiful design.

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5. Purple Jasper

This gemstone is commonly found in red color but you can also find it in purple shades. It is one of the varieties of chalcedony which is a type of quartz. It is an interesting gemstone with matrix inclusions along with patterns. It is one of the desirable stones on the jewelry. Most jasper gemstones are opaque and come with rare facets. It is also a hard gemstone with the Mohs scale as 6.5 70 7 considered to very tough and hard.

It is long-lasting and you don’t have to do anything extra to save it from damage. It is protected by various coating it has when it is made. It looks stunning on the jewelry and if you wear the jewelry then you will look stunning.


6. Purple Spinel

You can find purple spinal in various shares like lilac. It is a very attractive gemstone and is very valuable. It is affordable for the major population and it is also durable. On the Mohs scale, the measurement of the purple spinel is 8. It is a brilliant gemstone, which looks fabulous on every piece of jewelry. You can prefer this stone on everyday jewelry as well. it is usually cut into a faceted gemstone shape that enhances its brilliance. You will get the purple spinel stone in its natural color as no treatment is put on it.


7. Purple Fluorite

This gemstone is very popular one among collectors who are fond of collecting stones and beautiful things in their collection. It is less used in jewelry because it is not as durable as the other purple gemstones. Fluorite which is of high quality has a good transparency and is eye clean, it has a beautiful luster look. It is cut into most standard gemstones to give it the perfect shape. It is very soft as it scales 4 in Mohs. It also has a distinct cleavage. But as it is soft it is not suitable for most jewelry. But you can still find it in pendants and earrings.

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How much are purple gemstones worth?

It depends on the purple gemstone that the buyer is buying and the carat of the stone. but generally, the range of the purple gemstone is between $400- $4,000.

What is the most famous gem in the world?

The most famous and valuable gem of the world is diamond. Kohi noor diamond is the one which is most valuable.

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