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June birthstone: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite

There are 3 June birthstones:- Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite. If you are a June born then you are a lucky person as you have 3 birthstones that you can opt for when choosing a beautiful jewel for your jewel collection. All 3 birthstone owns there beauty differently. Here is the guide to June birthstones, and all information that you need if you are buying one of these June birthstones, or all of these June birthstones. Each month have its own birthstone with beautiful different colors

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June Birthstone- Pearl

Pearl June birthstone

A Pearl’s beautiful June birthstone is what is desired by many women. You can find this magnificent June birthstone from oceans, lakes, and rivers worldwide. Its beauty can never fade, this is the reason it is believed to have eternal beauty. Traditionally it was believed that pearls were teardrops that have fallen from heaven. Other people from china believed that June’s birthstone came from the dragon’s brain. Few others thought that it was formed from mollusks.

But in real pearls are organic gems that grow in the tissue of living saltwater or freshwater Pearl Mollusk.
Pearl is formed when the substance called nacre is secreted by mollusk. But there also cultures of pearl which are believed to be the product of human intervention, which are raised in pearl farms that is saltwater or freshwater.

Because of a decrease in the availability of this natural pearl, the count of cultured pearls is increasing in the market.  You can find these cultured pearls in beautiful shapes, sizes, cuts, and colors.

June birthstone
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Pearl June birthstone: Meaning and Symbol

For a long time, the pearl has been connected with purity, innocence, and humility. This is known for its simplicity. With such significance, they were gifted on special occasions like a wedding gift. It is a gift that is wished by any woman. It is a perfect gift to be given to your fiance, as an engagement ring or a pearl necklace.

It is also a gift that can be given on birthdays. Traditionally, Pearls’ benefits were mentioned in Sanskrit text like Atharvaveda,  where it is mentioned that pearls can be beneficial for long life and prosperity.

In the Asian region, the pearl was thought to have the power to deal with indigestions and hemorrhages. Pearl powder was used to improve eyesight. It was also believed that pearl can ease depression and calm down to nervous tremors.

Where are Pearl found?

You can find pearls in warm and clear water. Japan and China have Akoya cultured pearl farms, among which China is the dominant source of cultured pearls. Rick black Tahitian pearl can be found in two regions which are:- The Gambier Islands and Tuamotu archipelago.

Pearl Care and Cleaning?

Pearl is measured from 2.5 to 3.0 on the Mohs scale. They are a soft gem that requires a special kind of care and more cautious care than other gems. So when you buy pearl jewelry make sure that you store them separately especially away from metal jewelry to prevent it from scratching. It is advised not to store your pearl in a plastic bag because of the chemical it has.

When you are going out and you have decided that you will be putting on your pearl jewelry then make sure that you apply perfume, cosmetics, and hair products before you put on your pearl jewelry.

To clean the June birthstone use a soft cloth that is damped, and make a habit of cleaning the pearl jewelry after each time you have worn it.

June birthstone Moonstone

This June birthstone is believed to be the best gem within the feldspar group minerals. It is known for its adularescence, it gives a special shining jewelry appearance. Perfect moonstone presents a blue sheen when set to a colorless background.

Moonstone symbolizes fertility, passion, and love. It is look up to because it brings luck to the person. It becomes a perfect gift to be given on birthdays, on achievements, and on special days.

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Where are Moonstone found?

This June birthstone is found in many places. Namely, it is found in the United States, particularly in New Mexico, North  Carolina, and Virginia. They are also found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Brazil.

Moonstone Meaning and Symbol

It is associated with energy, as the name suggests it is connected to the moon. It is believed to have the power to nourish, to give passion, and to awaken feminine energies. It helps you guide you through the inner path. With the waxing and waning of the moonstone, it excited tranquillity that has an esoteric feel.

It is believed to have the glowing vitality that can re-energize the mind and body of the person. It obviates the negativity in a person and its surrounding. It is also known as a protective gem with white energy, believed to be coming for its color.

Moonstone Clean and Caring

Moonstone’s hardness is 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale. It is not as tough as the other gemstone. When exposed to high heat there are high chances that It might break. Hence, if you are planning to use ultrasonic or steam cleaners, then it might not be a good idea. The best option to clean this June birthstone is by using warm, soapy water with a soft brush.

June birthstone Alexandrite

It is a very rare mineral that has the power to change its color in different lighting. High-priced June birthstone Alexandrite shows a vivid green to a bluish-green mix of its color in daylight. It shows intense red to purplish-red in blazing light. This June birthstone can be worn on any type of jewel and on any occasion. If you have attire of multi-colors this jewel can be the perfect fit for such an attire if you are planning to wear it.

Alexandrite deposits were firstly discovered in 1830, in Ural Mountain Russia. The name of this gem was after the young Alexander II. It is an attractive June birthstone with a blend of beautiful colors. It is rare but also the most desirable ones.

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Where are Alexandrite found?

This rare mineral was earlier found in Ural Mountain deposits, which are now mined out, and they are found in  Brazil, East Africa, and Sri Lanka. This new deposit has some fine-quality stones. They are hard to find and so beautiful that it is the most expensive gem in the market.

Alexandrite symbol and meaning?

This June stone is considered to a stone of a good omen. It is believed that it has the power to bring balance in the physical manifest and unmanifest spiritual. It opens the crown chakra, with its healing energy and love of the universe. It is thought to strengthen creativity, imagination, and one’s strength.

June birthstone Care and Cleaning

The hardness of June birthstone is 8.5 on the Mohs scale. It is excellent in terms of toughness and has no cleavage. It is preferred for the options of engagement ring and other jewels planed to be worn for daily purpose. It is found to be the best gift for the bride or even groom born in June. It is advised that you clean your June birthstone in warm, soapy water. If you are thinking to use ultrasonic and steam cleaners then they are also safe tools to clean alexandrite.



What are the cost of Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite

To buy these June birthstones, you need to have a heavy budget. For moonstone, the cost range is from $10 to $10,000 per carat. If you want to buy pearl the budget you need to set is between to cost range of $300 to $1500 per carat. As alexandrite is the most rear gemstone and the most expensive one. $50,000 to $70,000

What is the color of Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is one of the beautiful gemstones of purple color. It can be worn on any attire giving you a beautiful look.

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