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Fashion jewelry

Fashion Jewelry: What can be included in it?

Who doesn’t want to flaunt their fashion jewelry? The answer seems obvious which is every woman and also every man wants to stand out and thus fashion jewelry is their way out. Fashion jewelry is a must that adds stars to one’s attire. Fashion jewelry like necklaces, rings, and earrings are a must to have in your jewelry collection. Even if you are not a fashion jewelry lover, I can bet you have one or more kinds of fashion jewelry in your collection to wear. Fashion jewelry can grab others attention, in any event, you are in. Some jewelry is just so fascinating that they steal all the show and makes you the star.

From heavy jewelry to light fashion jewelry you can buy it all according to your preference. From shapes to different sizes of jewelry there is a superfluity of it and every jeweler has their special jewelry. They are not just a piece of gems or just a piece of jewelry, they are also used to infer things about the person wearing them. Some jewelry like Birthstones work especially for their particular birth months like Pearl, moonstone, and Alexandrite birthstone which are dedicated to people born in June bring fortune for them, calm their nerves down, and gives them a new path to see.

Wearing a specific color in the jewelry gives the other person a gist of what can be that person’s choice. For example, if this has happened with you, a person wearing a bright color jewel-like White Peach, you may infer that they are simple and sweet in their nature, and the ones wearing unique jewels like bold color necklace or rings, you may infer them as a person who likes to explore, who likes to try new things.

There is no count of fashion jewelry. There are ample styles, ample size, and a plethora of types of jewelry that you can buy for different occasion. If you don’t have any particular type in mind while you go to buy the jewelry then you might get into a perplexing situation where you need to make a sound decision to buy your favorite and occasion perfect fashion jewelry. So here is the list of types of jewelry available for every woman out there. So, here is the list of fashion jewelry that you can buy:-

1. Diamond jewelry

One of the most preferred fashion jewelry is diamond jewelry. But don’t forget it is also the most expensive one. Diamond jewelry like a diamond necklace, diamond earrings, diamond rings is a great gift to be given on special occasions like marriage anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and achievements. Diamond is also believed to be the birthstone for people born in April, hence if you are planning to give a beautiful gift to your spouse or fiancé and you don’t have budget constraint then this can be the best gift that will bring a big heartfelt smile on their face, making it worthy of spending money on such a piece of jewelry.

If you have a question in mind that where are these beautiful diamonds are found that are then embedded in jewelry to be worn on attire to illuminate and grab the attention of all, Then here is the answer:- Diamond can be found in South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Botswana, and Australia.

The cost of a diamond varies from $500 to $36000. Make sure you set your budget according to the diamond jewelry you are purchasing.

Credits:- Diamondsinternational

2. Birthstone jewelry

Each month have their own birthstone. People prefer to buy the fashion jewelry of their respective birthstones because they are believed to mean and symbolize something. For example, the July birthstone “Ruby” symbolizes passion and love. It is believed to bring good fortune for the people born in July, So many July person go for buying Ruby fashion jewelry like- Ruby Necklace, Ruby ring, and ruby earrings.
January birthstone “Garnet” is believed to symbolize prosperity and abundance. It is considered that it motivates a person to express gratitude and serve others. Thus people who are born in July go for buying garnet fashion jewelry so that they can maneuver the benefits of Garnet.

The cost of these birthstones differs, greatly. Their cost depends on various components the famous is 4C’s. Whenever you are buying a gem or a piece of fashion jewelry keep in mind the 4 C’s given by GIA. If you are looking for flawless gems with a great shine then you have to set your budget higher. Because such gem is expensive.

Fashion jewelry
Birthstone for each month Credits:- Tianmix

3. Animal- themed jewelry

Animal shape jewelry has been a famous fashion jewelry trend followed in 2019. Many fashion shows were dedicated to animal fashion jewelry where models wore adorable animal shape jewelry and walk flawlessly on-ramp. Designers found different ways to take in the animal into their fashion jewelry, from collar jewelry of giant scorpion at Balmain to Necklace jewelry displaying fish charms on them. You can get fashion jewelry of your favorite animal, they are fit to be worn on any occasion on any attire. 

You can find any jewelry with an animal-themed shape. You can get a Necklace, rings, bracelets, and earrings. You can also find it in your preferred metal. There are many stores online and offline where you can find customized animal fashion jewelry to gift someone or for yourself.

Giant Scorpian and fish charmed necklace. Credits:- Marieclaire

4.Enamel jewelry

Enamel can be understood as a decorative coating that is applied to metal. It is fused in the metal with the help of high temperature. This design’s origin is rooted back to traditional Persians known as “meenakari”. Enamel work also practiced on stone objects and pottery in ancient Egypt. It forms a piece of beautiful jewelry, perfect to be worn on elegant dresses. This is a must jewel to be included in your fashion jewelry collection.

It is one of the affordable pieces of jewelry that you can buy which cost approximately on an average $24.49. If you are a vintage person and prefer collecting the jewel that had great significance in the ancient time, hence it is regarded as a vintage fashion jewelry piece. You can buy it in various styles, types, and at various costs.

Screenshot 2020 12 26 225529
Plique a Jour Enamel Pendant Credits:- Jewelryshoppingguide

5. Shell Jewelery

Shell jewelry is the idol for a summer person. If you are a person who can’t be tamed in summers so this is the best-fit fashion jewelry for you. As the name suggests shell jewelry is made up of seashells. The most common shell jewelry is a necklace, you can find it in various styles. It is good to go to a type of fashion jewelry for beach and summer events. It goes well on any summer attire.

These are accessible not only in big brand stores but small markets near beach. You can buy it easily whenever you want to . What is exciting here that, you don’t need to set your budget to buy it, it is so affordable that you can just buy it even when you didn’t planned for it.

Sea Shell and Starfish Pendant Credits:- Seameadowdesigns

Which fashion jewelry was trending in 2020?

No particular fashion jewelry starts the trend but when talking about trend many jewelry collectively is counted. So trending fashion jewelry for 2020 were:- Pearls jewelry, Hoops, baby heart stud, Ultra-long necklace, Petal drop silver earrings, Chandelier necklace,

Where can I find Enamel Jewelry?

You can find Enamel Jewelry at any jewelry shop, If you have decided to buy this jewelry then to be double sure about its availability, first ask the jewelry stores which you trust, then you can reach out to other jewelry sellers as well.

Which is the most expensive birthstone?

There are many expensive birthstone in the list but if you are asking about the one that is the most expensive, then here is your answer: Blue diamond. diamond which is the April birthstone, it the blue variant of it is the most expensive.

Which is the most expensive fashion jewelry?

Graff, is the most expensive fashion jewelry founded in 1960s by Laurence Graff. Certified by GIA it has the highest clarity, highest color along with the being the world’s largest Square emerald cut diamond.

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