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2 Carat diamond ring: Points to remember

This is a guide for you to buy a 2 carat diamond ring. If you were asked to buy a diamond ring, I am quite sure you will get confused regarding so many things you need to keep in mind. But don’t worry, for you to make a sound decision we are here to help you. The diamond ring is the clamour for jewelry, where each one sets their budget to by one. The diamond Engagement ring is what is preferred to be gifted to a fiance. Diamond is the hardest stone, which makes it more durable in the long run and your money becomes worth spending when we talk about the diamond. 

Diamond has always been the show-stealing stone and people wearing it glamour sly wear it and proudly show it. 2 carat diamond ring calls for a careful buying process. When buying a 2 carat diamond ring you need to be careful than ever to buy a money-worthy jewel. While purchasing a 2 carat diamond ring you need to get yourself focused on even the smallest issue that might lead to big problems.

If you are searching for a 2 carat diamond ring, there are components that you have to keep in mind while moving ahead with each buying step. Well cut diamonds in 2 carat diamond ring are found difficult to come by, which further need special attention and care. You have to think many a time with ticking all the right points while selecting gem, ring, and seller of the 2 carat diamond ring.

4 C’s as we talked about in the previous article are your saviours and keep them in mind throughout. 4 C’s that you have to keep in mind are Clarity, Cut, Carat, and color. Following these 4 C’s and the concepts given here will help you pick a diamond that is amazingly bright and shines on you.  

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What does a 2 carat diamond mean?

A 2 carat diamond can be understood as the weight of the diamond, we here 2 carats is believed to be equal to 400 milligrams (0.4 grams). If you like raisin so here is a simple way of understanding it. A 2 carat diamond weighs somewhat equal to half of a raisin that you like. They are rarely found. Not every local store has a 2 carat diamond, so if you are adamant to have it, then you might work and put the effort into finding it. for 2 carat diamond trust only known brands as any local store may fish you in their trap of a poor quality 2 carat diamond.

Olivia Ainsley, content manager at RRPDiamonds explains “A diamond which weighs at 2ct is called a 2 carat diamond, it roughly weighs 400milligrams. These can be measured up to half an inch (or less). These diamonds are quite massive and aren’t generally found to be sold in normal jewelry stores”.

Eliza Ragsdale Business Development Manager at worthy says “The term carat comes from carob, a tree native to the Middle East. Today we think of carob pods as a healthy alternative to chocolate but centuries ago traders along the Silk Road used carob as a standard of measurement. A diamond with the same heaviness as two pods was said to weigh two carobs – today, carats”.

How large is a 2 carat diamond?

So is in diamonds we have various shapes, we need to understand that the sizes of diamonds are different. So you need to notice the diameter of the diamond. Here is a quick guide to their size.

Taking round shaped diamond into consideration its diameter is around 8.10mm. Square shaped diamond is measured to be around 20.7mm. Pear shape’s diameter is around 80.7 mm. The heart shape’s diameter is measured to be around 115.8 mm. Because of the shape of these diamonds, the 2-carat diamond engagement ring is available in a beautiful range. 2-carat diamond rings will have different beauty according to the shape and the price is also different.

So a 2-carat ring is not always of the same price as any other jewelry their price differs with shapes, size, cut, and customizations. When talking about pricing, a diamond’s price is on the basis of per carat. For better understanding, refer to this scenario:- suppose, 5.50-carat diamond has a price of $1,400 per carat. So to calculate the diamond price multiply 1400 with .50 which will come out to be $700.

So moving on the same path, diamond’s price per carat keeps on increasing with higher weight categories. You can see a great jump in the price of diamonds because of their diamond’s higher weight value.

Asmat Khan Media RelationsSpecialist fitnessvolt explains “Carat is a unit of mass. Diamond and other precious stones’ weight is measured in carats and cents. One carat is equal to 200 mg. Although carat doesn’t determine the size (volume) of a diamond but can be used as an indication of the size as all diamonds are rough of the same density. Carat simply refers to how much a diamond weighs, whereas the size is about its dimensions. Conversely, you can have stones with either the same diameter or the same depth, but these diamonds can still have different carat weights. Size of a 2 carat diamond depends on the shape of the diamond and how it is cut from Its rough form”.

2 carat diamon ring

What is the difference between “Diamond Carat” and “Diamond Size”

Many customers believe that Diamond carat and diamond sizes are one and the same thing. But is crucial to understand in the buying process that this is not true. Both are different and you have to keep this in mind. When we talk about diamond carat, then we are considering the weight of the diamond. Carat does not affect the table surface area, shape, or depth of the diamond. So If you think that a 2 carat diamond will be bigger than the 1 carat then you are slightly mistaken.

When we are talking about Diamond Size, then we consider the appearance of the diamond. So if we ask you which one is bigger, Oval shape or a round shape diamond? Your answer will be an oval-shaped diamond. This is because of its elongated size, it looks bigger than the round shaped diamond.

Olivia Ainsley, content manager at RRPdiamonds explains “The carat of a diamond determines its weight, with 1 carat roughly weighing around 200mg. This is then divided into 100 points to get accurate measurements. Size of a diamond, on the other hand, refers to the dimensions (length, height and width) of the diamond. This measurement is done in mm (millimeter) Meaning 2 diamonds of the same carat may have different sizes and vice-versa”.

Buying a 2-carat diamond ring

We can imagine how excited you must be to choose a 2 carat diamond ring and wear it on special occasions. But to buy a 2-carat diamond ring you need to patiently look for all the features in the diamond and then decide which one to buy. This is because for a 2 carat diamond ring you have a plethora of options available for you. And you undoubtedly want the best for yourself, so by taking a little pain of getting all the information about the diamond and 2 carat diamond ring for the sellers.

While buying diamond jewelry never forget the 4C’s.


When you are evaluating the clarity of a 2 carat diamond ring, you should notice that 2 carat diamond rings have a large top, flat level surface of a diamond when compared to a 1-carat diamond ring. Inclusions, extra facets, and surface defects are set down by the clarity of the diamond. When you are looking for clarity, watching whether the diamond is eye-clean or not is the sole trusted method.


For identification of the color of the diamond, GIA has color grades from D to Z where D grade represents the clearest and colorless diamond and Z presents diamond that has a yellow or brown tint. To buy a 2-carat diamond ring, it is advised that you select a color in the range of G to I. These color grades look colorless and they also cost less than other color diamonds. So it is easily affordable and can easily within your budget.


For a 2-carat diamond ring, you should go for the best cut, as the best-cut diamonds wins the race of giving a shiny and sparkly look. A great diamond cut ensures high-quality brilliance, fire, and radiance in the diamond.


So carat that we are focusing on right now is a 2-carat diamond ring. A perfect choice for you but a rare one. This is only one component and thus you should focus on all the three-component together which will lead you towards buying the perfect 2-carat diamond ring.

How much a 2-carat diamond ring cost?

This rare 2-carat diamond ring will cost you much. You have to set your budget to buy this. Roughly the price range of a 2-carat diamond ring is $6,000 to $60, have this beautiful 2-carat diamond ring you need to save or revisit your expenses to buy this 2-carat diamond ring. The cost range depends on the components of a diamond and with a diamond, you would like to go with.

Asmat Khan Media Relations Speciaist at fitnessvolt says ” The price of a 2-carat diamond can vary depending on its shape, cut quality, clarity, color, and a range of other factors. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000 or more for a 2-carat diamond. Diamond rings are truly setting the standard high. They are amazing and definitely make an impact. I never heard of anyone not wanting a two-carat diamond…The only problem with a two-carat diamond ring is that it’s price ranges from roughly $6,000 to $60,000! And in other words, a 2-carat diamond ring costs anywhere from a small car to a small house”.

What is the cost of 2 carat diamond ring?

IT generally depends on 4 C’s discussed above, but the general range that prevails is $6,000 to $60,000.

What is the difference between diamond carat and diamond size

Both are considered same, but they are really different . When we refer to carat, we are talking about the weight of the diamond. When we talk about diamond size, appearance of the diamond is considered.

Is a 2 carat diamond ring too big?

No 2 carat diamond is not too big, as you can refer to the image given above. And it is not always the case that you get 2 carat for the ring size you are searching for. So, you need to try it first to make any further decision.

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