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Mothers Ring: Why It Is The Best Gift Of 2021?

If you have been to any Western country, high chances are there of you coming across a unique sort of ring, particularly worn by mothers and grandmothers that constitute their diverse family represented by birthstones. Though from ancient times, the ring called a Mothers Ring is supposed to encompass stones of the children or grandchildren of the wearer.

Modern-day rings are now coming up with stones to represent every member of the family, whether living or deceased. If you want to learn more about a mother’s ring, this is the article you should look forward to. So, let’s start.

What are Mothers Ring?

A mothers ring is a precious ring worn by either mothers or grandmothers or both that represent their diverse family. The ring can have a single birthstone or individual birthstone, either natural or synthetic, that’s why this ring is also called “birthstone rings for mothers“. While earlier only the stones of children and grandchildren of the wearer were used, nowadays, personal stones for each family member are used. Some rings are further personalized with the names of each member inscribed over it.

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Why is a mothers ring worn?

Being a fascinating and stunning piece of jewelry, such a ring is usually worn to display the pride of the family and to express how much the family means to the wearer without having to express this in words to the others. Besides, the ring owing to its string of vibrant birthstones adds glamour to every outfit. If not these, the forms an indispensable part of a mother or grandmother’s cabinet which she will boast off till eternity.

How to wear a mothers ring?

Well, there’s no particular way of how a mothers ring should be worn as it is really up to the wearer. Traditionally, such a ring is worn on the right hand’s ring finger according to the facts connected with it. Furthermore, it’s advisable not to stack up against your ring with any other fashion accessory or another ring (s) in particular, like an engagement or wedding ring. It should be worn independently.

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How to design a stunning mothers ring?

Although the popularity of such rings wasn’t a great one in the earlier times, the craze for Unique Mothers Rings is rising to an extreme level. So, if you’re planning to purchase one, below are the tips to design your own mothers rings.


As the ring is all about birthstones, there are ample ways you can stack them over the metal base. The most common ways of doing so are by color, by age, by gender, and much more. While most of the buyers, say, having two children prefer the same color birthstone to represent both of them, others go ahead with individual stones following their birth month. Again, it’s up to you.


Let’s consider a mothers ring with 3 stone settings for this. Those three stones can symbolize multiple things and scenarios for example,

  • Two of the three stones may denote the two grandparents of the child and the last one the child itself, 
  • All 3 stones maybe for the whole family, or
  • Two stones for the two kids and one for their grandparents, etc.

There may be other scenarios possible too. Hence, be careful with the setting of your chosen mother’s ring. 

Metal base

The role played by the ring’s metal base is as considerable as the stones themselves. You can choose one from the several available metal base options like gold, silver (sterling silver), platinum, rhodium, manganese, and palladium as these are everyone’s first preference.


The next parameter is the color. For a mother’s ring, white gold is a great option as it merges well with white metals like nickel, manganese, and palladium & is commonly found in such rings. Others in your consideration can be rose gold of varying intensity and yellow gold. 

Birthstone: authentic or synthetic?

There are two options in front of you, Authentic Birthstones and Synthetic birthstones. While the latter ones are lab-made and come under the modest of the budgets, the former ones offer a better allure to the ring in all aspects. Although naturally mined stones will cost you way more, they are more finely cut to get done away with any natural flaw or blemish they might have. So, choose as per your liking and budget.

These are some tips that’ll help you a lot in designing the best mother’s ring.

Why are chain stores not an ideal place for purchasing a mothers ring?

If you’re planning to buy a mothers ring from a nearby chain store, beware! A mothers ring is something that takes more time to get crafted from the best products and this is something a chain store doesn’t pay heed to. The reason being chain stores run after only cheap products and get the work done through inexpensive handcrafters. That’s why you should refrain from buying a mothers ring from a chain store.


Which finger do you usually wear a mothers ring on?

While it’s up to the wearer and her belief, a mothers ring is usually worn on the right hand’s ring finger.

How much does a mothers ring cost?

Considering various factors in the calculation, here’s how much a ring costs. A sterling silver ring worth about $50 – $90 and a gold mother’s ring is about $50 0- $750. The further cost can change depending upon the carat and quality of the birthstone(s) used. (These prices may change according to the weight of Metal and quality of the Birthstone)

Do you place a mothers birthstone on the mothers ring?

Historically, the wearer’s stone is not included in the ring. But as there are no set rules for personalization, you can add the wearer’s birthstone too along with others as per your choice. 

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