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Wedding Ring Sets: These 4 Reasons Will Make You Buy One

A proposal ring or an engagement ring as called commonly isn’t simply an incentive or a celebrity gift. It’s more than just a ring that plays a pivotal role in a couple’s enduring love story and commitment to each other. However, an engagement ring isn’t complete without a matching wedding ring. Such a ring completes the bond between the couple and takes their relationship to a whole new level. But the above attain its real meaning ONLY when both the rings are a part of the same set i.e. wedding ring sets. And this is what I’ll be discussing in the upcoming sections. So, let’s start.

What are wedding ring sets?

Wedding ring sets
A 3-piece wedding ring set

In simple terms, wedding ring sets are sets comprising three rings of which two i.e. an engagement ring and a wedding band are owned by the bride and the groom owns the third one which is matching the wedding band of the bride. The difference between a wedding ring set and any other commonly available ring set although may be visible to a jeweler, the rest is the same. Furthermore, it is dissimilar to a bridal set, as the name suggests, is meant for only the bride.

Why do modern-day couples prefer wedding ring sets?

Well, there can be an ample number of reasons for modern couples to invest in wedding ring sets, the following ones are most common among them.


Matching wedding bands and engagement ring
A wedding ring set with matching wedding bands and engagement ring

Modern-day couples don’t like getting hitched like the way it was in the 1990s where spending was the main criteria for one’s marriage. Today, couples go for everything that matches with each other, especially rings. Hence, there is no better option than a matching three-ring set having a consistent design across each ring like the setting of the diamonds, engraving on the bands, etc. As it is said, marriage represents the union of two souls and families, a wedding ring set’s three matching rings represents the bond between the couple. 


Another factor is the affordability of wedding ring sets that makes them the first preference of modern couples. Matching rings are less expensive than the unmatching ones as their same design allows them to be drawn up together rather than individually thus lowering down the retailer’s cost(s), particularly for individually crafting the rings. Additionally, while buying separate rings, it’s harder to leverage the benefits of the buy 2 get 1 free offer which becomes of no use with the wedding ring sets. Hence, wedding ring sets are great for cost-cutting. 


Say, next week is your engagement or wedding, how would you like to spend the current week? Roaming from one jewelry house to another searching for that perfect ring or sitting with your partner at home and finalizing the rings online, within a few hours? Of course, you will like the latter option. And this is what wedding ring sets offer.


The wedding ring sets are a decent alternative to the age-old boring designs available elsewhere. Unlike the other sets, a wedding ring set sets an example of love and commitment towards one another. Hence, the popularity of wedding ring sets is on a rise these days.

How do I wear an engagement and wedding ring?

Engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger
Engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger

There are no hard and fast rules on how to wear engagement and wedding rings. This varies from tradition to tradition and from one’s preference(s) to another. Still, there are multiple ways of doing both the above rings like:

  • Rings on the left hand (common in the United States, France, the UK, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and many Asian countries).
  • Rings on the right hand (common in Russia, Poland, India, Greece, Spain, Denmark, and Portugal).
  • Wedding ring first, an engagement ring on top, and vice-versa.
  • Engagement ring on one finger and wedding ring on the other. 

If you want to read in detail on how to wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring, you can check out our article dedicated to this.

Do I need both rings?

Stacking both engagement and wedding rings
Stacking both engagement and wedding rings

Whether you should wear an engagement ring or a wedding ring or both, it depends on you. If you like the traditional look more like your parents, go for both else, skip anyone that you and your partner wishes. Because even a single ring can equally symbolize your engagement and married status. 


How is a wedding ring different from an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a ring that is exchanged at the time of proposal and a wedding ring is exchanged to represent the final bond of a marriage of the couple. Both the rings have their own beliefs and meanings as per the traditions.

What is a wedding ring set?

A wedding ring sets are set comprising three rings of which two i.e. an engagement ring and a wedding band are owned by the bride and the groom owns the third one which is matching the wedding band of the bride.

Why are there 3 rings in a wedding ring set?

In contrast to a bridal set with merely two rings (for the bride), a wedding ring has 3 rings. One ring is an engagement ring for the bride, another is a wedding band matching with the wedding ring of the groom. So, there are two rings for the bride and one for the groom.

Should the wedding and engagement rings be the same or different?

The wedding and engagement rings can be the same or different depending on one’s personal choice but having the same set of matching rings is what everyone proposes. 

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