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An Exclusive Guide To A Perfect Necklace Length

Is there any necklace in your jewelry collection that you hardly wear? I bet most of you must have at least one of such kind. It doesn’t matter how many reasons you put forward for avoiding wearing it like I don’t like it anymore or it’s off-trend, the experts view the following two reasons as the most valid ones-

  • First, it doesn’t go well with your closet, and
  • It doesn’t compliment you (like it’s too short/too long).

And this is the main issue most of you complain of i.e. what’s an ideal necklace length for me. So, for helping you with this, we have come up with this post. Today, you will get to know what’s the most suitable necklace length and how to measure it. So, let’s get right into this.

How to measure a perfect necklace length?

Be it a man or a woman, a necklace of a decent length can be a focal point of the body. While selecting a Chain, its length is the most valuable factor you need to emphasize the most. And for that, it’s crucial to know your neck size, face & body shape, closet collection, and your height. Below is a detailed explanation of each of these.

Neck size:

Always begin with measuring your neck size. For this, take an inch tape and wrap it around your neck. Now, whatever length comes out, add 1.5-2.0 inches to it for the sake of a comfortable fit. This length will be suitable for a choker (a special type of necklace adorned to your neck). Add another 4 inches to this length and it will be fit for a necklace plus pendant. Remember that long-necked women look glamorous with chokers while it’s not meant for a short-necked woman.


Now comes your height. It determines whether your chosen necklace length will look stunning on your body or not. For instance, women with height 5’4″ or less should consider 16-20 inches as their necklace length while ladies with a height between 5’4″-5’7″ or 5’7″+ can go with any necklace length. The only fact to memorize is that your necklace length should be proportional to your height. If you’re taller, wear a long necklace and vice-versa.

Face shape:

A necklace is one such accessory that has the ability to frame your face and alter the way others perceive your facial features. For a round face cut, short necklaces are more likely to underline your face’s roundness than itself. Women with oval shape can enjoy any necklace length, shape, and type. 

If you have a long face cut, you can try shorter necklaces to soften or broaden your face’s shape. What we would suggest is a choker with a length between 16 inches to 18 inches. This same formula goes for a heart-shaped face cut. 

Body type:

It’s a common observation that people will keep glancing at your necklace to the point it ends. Hence, your necklace length should be appropriate such that the observer doesn’t look inappropriately. For this, keep a measure of your bust i.e. the upper part of your body between neck and waist. If it’s small, go ahead with a long necklace length and vice-versa. Moreover, necklaces with a length that sits just above the breast must be avoided as they won’t hang properly. In a nutshell, whatever your bust size is, always buy a necklace after adding 1-2 inches more. 

Closet collection:

You want your necklace to compliment your wardrobe contents, right? It’s a popular saying that different necklace lengths suit different types of clothing. Hence, look closely at what your style is and what lengths will adorn your closet the best. Match different lengths with different outfits for this.

These five parameters play a vital role in determining a standard necklace length that will elevate your elegance and look timeless to the observer.

Standard necklace lengths for a female:


It fits like a choker.


It sits around the base of your neck, similar to a collar.


It just falls below your throat at the collarbone and thus suitable for pendant-based necklaces.


It falls a few inches below your collarbone.


It sits above or below the low neckline (the top edge of the garment that surrounds your neck).


It falls below any neckline.


You can either have this necklace as a single strand or wrap it into two strands of 18-inches each.

Standard necklace lengths for a male:


This necklace length just falls around the base of your neck.


It falls right at the collarbone and goes well with a v-neck tee or unbuttoned shirt.


This necklace length falls just below your collarbone.


It sits just above the sternum. It is used to hang those pendants which you want close to your heart like a religious pendant or one given by your spouse. 


What is a good necklace length?

A good necklace length is defined as a length that isn’t too tight, not too loose, not too short, and not too long. It’s very important to find such a length so as to match your outfits and body factors like shape, height, etc.

What are the fashionable styles of chains I can try?

The most established necklace styles you can try include Trace, Belcher, Curb, Snake, etc. Out of these, styles curb and snake are well suited for modern pendants.

What are the names of the necklace lengths for a woman?

For a woman, a 14″ chain is called a collar, 16″ is a choker, 18″ is princess, 20″ to 24″ are matinee, 28″ to 36″ are opera and anything above this is known as a rope style.

Can I wear multiple necklaces of varying lengths?

Yes, it depends upon your personal interest and the outfit you have decided to pair with them. However, anything under 2-3 chains is considered good. If you’re wearing more than these, it appears overwhelming at times to the viewer. 

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