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Top 10 Popular Necklace Chains Of All Time

Willing to try necklace chains for styling? Well, you’re in luck because necklace chains are super trendy these days.

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that never goes out of fashion. Need to add some glimmer to your outfits? Necklace chains would do the perfect job.

Chain accessories are the most loved ones whether it is bags, belts, earrings, or neckpieces.  Chain necklace comes in a variety of styles and designs that you would just love to wear on any attire of yours.

In this article, you will get to know the Top 10 types of necklace chains that you can buy and style your outfit with. Pick anything that suits your taste, and get ready to flaunt it.

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Top 10 Popular Necklace Chains Out There

1. Cable Chain

A cable chain is the most basic type of necklace chain. It gives a very simple and elegant look. If we check the material, it is generally made of iron. This type of chain has been used for many years. It consists of small series of identical oval links that are interconnected to make a beautiful chain.

The cable chain usually has a texture or is flattened. Based on your taste, you might or might not find the cable chain very attractive as a singular piece. But with an attached pendant, it gives a whole new look.

So depending on what you like, you may choose the pendant if you’d like to add some spice. Cable chains are super sturdy and not complicated at all. So in case it breaks, you would not find any trouble fixing it.

Top 10 Types of Necklace Chains

2. Anchor/Mariner Chain

Anchor is a beautiful chain that is made with the inspiration of nautical work. It is called Mariner or anchor chain as the look of the chain is similar to the chains connected to anchors. Earlier, the mariner chains were made in a flat design but now there is a wave of a new trend that puffed the mariner chain. Now, the mariner chain can be worn as an alone accessory. This beautiful chain is preferred by people who are fond of water bodies.

This type of chain is sturdy and makes a strong necklace. It is made up of interlocking ovals with a bar that crosses the center of each oval. It has a unique design than any other chain. These types of chains are thicker and are more popular among the chains. A delicate mariner chain is used for the necklace for women. As it has a strong feature it is listed among the top 10 types of necklace chains


3. Box Chain

You get this beautiful unique chain with square links. Box chains have been very popular in the necklace chain. This style is worn by both men and women. You can get this type of chain necklace in a variety of widths. With the increased widths it gets more beautiful. Box chain is made in such a way that it stays strong and does not break easily. The box chain can be reattached without getting the broken link replaced. It can be joined without any problem. The length of the box chain is made depending upon the necklace type that you are preferring to buy.


4. Ball / Bead Chain

This chain is made up of tiny beads that are tied together to make a ball bead chain. You can have a ball chain that has beads tied very closely to each other or with small spaces between the beads. It gives different look to the necklace that is designed with a wider space and a little place. But this type of chain does not look good alone without a pendant. When a pendant is added to the chain it looks pretty and completes the jewelry perfectly. It is relatively hard to break this type of chain necklace.

Credits:- Bunsikjewelry

5. Snake Chain

The name of this chain is originated from the design it has that looks similar to the snake. This snake chain is made of tightly knitted small rings that give a sleek chain. The rings of this type are so small that you will not be able to see the rings. They give a stunning look to the necklace and women prefer wearing snake neckpieces on special occasions. It is a delicate design, which is in comparison to others not so strong. 

They have semi rigid structure which makes them tangle-free and do not get stuck easily in your hair. This type is easy to maintain and easy to clean. If you buy this type of neckpiece then you will get a beautiful piece of the neckpiece.


6. Curb Chain

A beautiful chain design that is just evergreen. It has interconnected uniform links in the design. Necklace with this beautiful chain design gives you a piece of neck jewelry that is elegant yet stylish. This type of chain has a masculine touch which is why this type is used by men in jewelry. Small thin curb chains are of feminine nature and have a delicate look. When it is paired with the pendant or a gemstone gives you a better neckpiece for women.

Credits:- Ebay

7. Rope Chain

Rope chain has been n trend since ancient times, thus this type of chain is very common. It is made up of a number of metal segments that are made in a twisted pattern to give a real rope-like design. This is a solid sturdy chain that is long-lasting. Most people prefer heavy rope chain necklaces. The heavy and broad chain look of the necklace gives a beautiful look. This jewelry type is perfect to be worn on a large pendant which adds a beautiful look to the whole neck piece.

The broad rope chain can be worn as a stand-alone neckpiece. This trend is common among both men and women both. But delicate and thin rope chains are preferred with the pendant. As it has a twisted design the neckpiece reflects light from various angles like rope chain and gives a quite shiny and sparkling look.


8. Figaro Chain

This type of chain is gender-neutral, as it is worn by both men and women. Figaro chains consist of patterns that are flattened. This chain design is made in various sizes. This type of chain is usually made of thick wire which makes it durable and hard to break. They can be used to match with heavy pendants as they are easily able to hold the weight of the pendant.

But if it gets broken then it will be difficult for you to remove the broken link without replacing it with the new one and this can create quite a mess. But the scenario applies when it gets broken, usually it withstands the challenge of the hard environment as well.

Credits:- Abbottlyon

9. Spiga / Wheat Chain 

Spiga is another name for wheat. The chain gives you a resemblance to wheat, thus, the name has been similar to it. It is created in a very delicate manner with a symmetrical design. This type gives a metallic fiber look that looks like they are coming towards each other. It gives a beautiful look with the neck-piece jewelry like pendants. It is sturdy and durable so it would last for years.

Credits:- Ebay

10. Singapore Chain

This type of chain is strong and durable. It consists of a series of interlinked components that make up a beautiful Singapore chain. It has a twisted opening and it stretches beautifully. This type of chain is used to match the pendant that is strong irrespective of the size they have. It has a classic sleek design that looks beautiful on a woman. This type can be used to be worn on daily basis. Because of its unique design, it is considered in the list of the top 10 types of necklace chains.

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Credits:- Vajrasecrets

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What type of necklace chain is best?

When it comes to which is the best necklace chain, only one type that comes to everybody’s mind is the “Curb Chain”. It has a classic yet elegant look that can be matched with any type of pendant. This kind of chain looks pretty on any outfit of men and women.

Which is the strongest chain?

Out of the necklace chains that we discussed above, the strongest chains are those that have an interlocking design like Cable Chain, Figaro, or rope. These are the strongest as the manner in which they are made, gives them a sturdy and strong feature.

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