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Sardonyx: Healing Properties Of The August BirthStone In 2020

If you’re born in August, you’re lucky to have multiple i.e. three birthstones which are energetic peridot, mesmerizing sardonyx, and striking spinel. While sardonyx was August’s original birthstone, the vibrant peridot was added to the list later on and spinel came to be known as another birthstone later in 2016. We have already talked about Peridot in one of our articles, let’s today discuss what sardonyx is.

What is sardonyx?

Black sardonyx natural stone
Black sardonyx natural stone

It is a translucent and semi-precious gemstone encompassing alternate layers of sard (a microcrystalline Quartz having yellowish-red to reddish-brown shading owing to the iron oxide content in it) and onyx (a black variety of microcrystalline Quartz) both of which are two types of layered mineral Chalcedony.

Onyx stone
Onyx stone

It is a highly protective gemstone that’s associated with physical properties like prosperity, courage, and creativity & metaphysical properties like enhancement in willpower, confidence, and motivation.  Hence, whether you’re a student or a hard-working professional, sardonyx is the stone you need to put in more focus and discipline on the task at hand.

General Information about the August birthstone

An agate stone
Agate stone
  1. Type: Agate, a variety of Chalcedony (a form of microcrystalline Quartz). 
  2. Zodiac Sign: Leo
  3. Mohs hardness: 6.5 to 7.0
  4. Specific gravity: 2.55 to 2.70
  5. Refractive Index:     1.530 to 1.543
  6. Optical Character    Uniaxial/+
  7. Birefringence: 0.008 to 0.010
  8. General color: Straight white bands of onyx with yellowish-red to reddish-brown bands of sard. 
  9. Transparency: Translucent to opaque
  10. Lustre: Waxy
  11.  Crystal form: Trigonal

Where is it found?


A large proportion of the sardonyx gemstone comes from countries like Brazil, Germany, Uruguay, Russia, and the USA but it’s said that India is still the best producer of the stone having high quality and value. You can have numerous varieties of stone like black, white, brown, red, and even ones with merged colors.

Why should you use sardonyx?

A sardonyx stone exhibits protective energies to bring discipline, confidence, and motivation in one’s life.

If you ever feel demotivated or lose your direction in life, the stone will aid you to regain one.

Working directly with the root chakras and Earthstar, the stone possesses grounding energies that stimulate a person who is suffering emotionally, socially, or physically by instilling a positive vibe around him/her.

Furthermore, sardonyx creates an aura of happiness around you and develops self-control. As it comprises the ground vibrations of both onyx and sard, the stone is the source of helpful energies that helps you maintain long-lasting relationships with the people around you. Hence, if you keep one sardonyx stone in your occupancy, you’ll be able to handle your relationships with ease.

Owing to the strong vibrations from the third-eye chakra and the crown chakra (chakras responsible for one’s intuitions), the stone directs your thinking and decision-making proficiency. Hence, you get to better comprehend new information and make wise & well-informed decisions in your life. Consequently, you get better at gauging the circumstances and come up with a decision that goes your way. 

This way, the sardonyx stone helps create the inner you that’s then reflected in your character.

What are the physical healing properties of the gemstone?

Sardonyx is known to give life to the sensory organs and all senses. It is best used for the quick healing of one’s bones apart from improving the wearer’s ability to touch, smell, and hear. As the stone strengthens the immune system, consequently refinements are felt when it comes to the cell metabolism, activity of the intestines, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of wastes from the body. 

If you suffer from ailments like chronic back pain, inefficient bowel, prostate, and bladder problems, sardonyx will help you a lot in overcoming the unfavorable effects of the same. It strengthens the functioning of the lungs and kidneys too. Through its helpful energies and strong vibrations, the stone assists in translating your vitalities into substantial results.

Sardonyx care and cleaning tips

As sardonyx ranks merely 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, special care is needed while handling, cleaning, and wearing the stone. Being a Quartz, it is treated and lab dyed to give it a more eye-popping coloring and making it worthwhile for jewelry. So, never expose it to extreme temperatures to protect its coloring. Also, for cleaning purposes, use a lukewarm soapy solution free from any chemical.

How is sardonyx used?

Having a waxy luster with a hard smooth surface capable of a glossy finish, the stone is well suited for engraving upon. Hence, this stone was a favorite to the early Romans, who believed that suitable engraving can increase its virtue. Following these lines, it was engraved with the figures exemplifying Mars or Hercules to provoke fearlessness and courage in the wearer. Some ancient astrologers also put their bet on the fact that if the stone is hung around the neck, it would curtail pain, bestow self-control, attract pals, and provide success in all legal matters. Besides, its jewelry is a good way to keep the stone closer to you in the form of sardonyx rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. After all, at one time, the stone was prized higher than gold or silver. 



What is chalcedony?

images 4

In simple terms, a chalcedony (a layered mineral) is a form of silica with very fine intergrowths of the minerals like Quartz and Morganite. It has a waxy luster and can be semi-transparent or translucent.

How much is a sardonyx stone worth?

The cost of a sardonyx stone is also based upon its carat weight. For example, a 3.35 ct. stone may cost you around $11.99, 4.48 ct. may cost you $14.95, and so on.

What does sardonyx symbolize?

This original birthstone of August symbolizes courage, clear communication, and happiness. It is also known for igniting confidence and motivation in the wearer’s life. 

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