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What Are The Best Diamond Shapes To Choose?

Have you ever dreamt about having the most stylish diamond shapes in your jewelry collection?

If yes, then you have come to the right place where you will be acquainted with the variety of diamond shapes present in the market. Shapes make all the impact on the jewelry. Shapes are what glorify the jewelry that catches everybody’s attention.

Have you ever come across a situation where you have loved another person’s diamond jewelry. Yes, you must have, so what was it that you liked the most? Many of you will agree that it was the diamond shape that made all the difference.

Diamond shape

Types of Diamond Shapes You Shall Come Across

Here is the list of diamond shapes from which you may choose what you like:

Olivia Ainsley, content manager at RRPDiamonds suggests “the diamond industry revolves around the creativity of diamond manufacturers as to what shape can they make out of a simple rough diamond. The more creative and complex the shape the costlier these gems tend to cost.

However, the mainstream diamond shapes are as follows: Round Cut Diamonds, Princess Cut Diamonds, Emerald Cut Diamonds, Cushion Cut Diamonds, Pear Cut Diamonds, Marquise Cut Diamonds, Asscher Cut Diamonds, Radiant Cut Diamonds, Heart Cut Diamonds”

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Round diamond shape

The most common diamond shape that people prefer is the round shape. Whether it is a round diamond shape ring, diamond pendant, diamond necklace, or diamond earrings, the shape is a beauty. Round diamond shapes are the sparkliest ones, that is why their demand is high.

This diamond shape is believed to have 58 facets which allow light to enter the diamond. Hence, the light reflects creating a beautiful sparkle effect. If you are inclined towards having the diamond shape that sparkles the most, then a round diamond shape is your desired choice.

ElizaRagsdale from says ” the most popular diamond shape is and will always be a round! Rounds are classic – like the LBD of diamonds. Fancy shapes (basically anything not round) come into and out of fashion. Fashion in diamonds is just like fashion in clothes – it’s all cyclical! Current trends are for softer, rounder shapes, like ovals and pears. Ovals especially are on FIRE this year – Ariana Grande’s latest engagement ring is a great example, though we really don’t recommend pearls for everyday wear”.

2. Cushion, Princess, and Emerald Diamond Shapes

Other diamond shapes that are also preferred are cushion, princess, and emerald cuts. These diamonds can be purchased at a lesser price than a round one. If you are worried about your budget but don’t want to give up on your choice of diamond jewelry, then these shapes are the perfect fit for you. These are beautiful and will fit your budget. Cushion diamond has a reflecting cut which gives it a high level of fire and brilliance.

It is also counted among the diamond that has a strong sparkling effect. Princess has a magnificent sparkle that makes your jewelry stand out from the rest of others. You can choose to wear this diamond shape jewelry on any occasion and at any time. Emerald diamond shape is known for its clarity and luster. They are not considered to be not so sparkly and bright as other diamonds are. But these are bought for their clarity and elegance.

3. Oval diamond shape

Being on a similar path to round diamonds, they are also known for their brilliance and fire. It is also considered similar to the marquise diamond shape. But its more elongated design gives it a larger look. It has 56 facets like a round diamond has 58 facets, thus it can be considered a bit less than the equal sparkly round.

4. Pear diamond shape

The problem with the pear diamond shape is that it is poorly cut, which blocks its sparkling finish. Thus, a pear diamond best fits in tapered solitaire or intricate halo setting. Such a setting protects the fragile parts of the diamond to be noticeable and allows its unique beauty to shine. This diamond shape still achieves the love of many of its buyers and is their favorite one.

5. Heart diamond shape

What could be better than having diamond shape jewelry in your collection? Heart diamond shape works perfectly for occasions like anniversaries, engagements, and weddings. It has 56 to 58 cuts which give the power to shine as similar to the round diamond. Such a beautiful heart diamond is everyone’s desire.

6. Marquise diamond shape

Do you know how this came into existence? Allow u to enlighten you.

This marquise diamond shape was developed in the period of the 18th century. King Louise XV of France wanted a diamond shape that has the design of his mistress’s lips. This is how this unique diamond shape came into existence. With 56 cuts, this diamond shape offers a sparkly look and is good to go on any attire that you are willing to wear. Because of its shape, the marquise diamond shape looks a bit larger than the other shape, giving it a noticeable look. Because of its size, it becomes the center of attraction giving you a spotlight.

7. Baguette Diamond shape

This shape is known for its clarity with 24 facets. It has long parallel lines which give it a large look. It is basically found in a rectangular shape. If you are looking for a beautiful ring then baguettes diamond shape ring will be the one suggested to you by many people. It is regarded as a classic and timeless diamond that you can’t wait to wear.

8. Trillion diamond shape

It is the most unique diamond shape among others. It is such a beautiful one that it leaves an impression whenever and wherever worn. It offers brilliance and fire, which make it exquisite. This shape works well on an engagement ring.

9. Asscher Diamond Shape

This diamond shape was developed by the Asscher brothers in 1902, in Holland. This shape gained popularity in 2002. It is one of the stylish diamond shapes, which is preferred by people who are looking for some unique shapes and don’t want to go with traditional ones. Its brilliance and reflecting power make it a beautiful jewel. It has more layers of facets. Many people are confused between emerald and the Asscher-shaped diamond. Asscher is known for clarity and luster. If you are thinking to buy this shape go for the H color.

Difference between diamond shape and diamond cut

The shape of the diamond generally represents the exterior figure of the diamond. They can be understood as the outline of the diamond. Like Pear-shaped, cushion shapes, round-shaped, and other types we talked about in the above sessions.

Whereas on the other hand, You can understand diamond cut as facets, dimensions, symmetry, and reflective features of the diamond. Thus, any diamond shape can be a deep cut, shallow cut, dull or brilliant cut. The brilliance and fire are dependent on the cut of the diamond. When you are buying the diamond, it is suggested that you should first select the diamond shape and then you should find the desired diamond cut.

Olivia Ainsley, content manager at RRPDiamonds explains “the shape of a diamond is the external feature which displays what the diamond actually looks like. However, the cut refers to the number of facets, its dimensions, symmetry, refractive properties; technical stuff. These different cuts give different shapes”.

Wrap Up

So, where can you find several diamond shapes?

For this answer, we suggest you refer to the expert saying mentioned below. Having all the necessary information is really important to buy the perfect fit for you.

Olivia Ainsley, content manager at RRPDiamonds postulates that “with the expansion of the diamond markets on to the online world it has now become quite easy to shop from anywhere. The optimal choices for buying different shapes of diamonds however are: Renowned brands, Known Online Stores, Diamond Jewelers, Diamond Wholesalers, And be sure that any diamond you buy comes with a diamond certification”.

What is the best diamond shape?

The most common diamond shape that is preferred is a round shape. But, this solely depends on your preference and desire. You are the buyer, and this calls for careful deciding on various components when buying a diamond jewelry

Which is the most expensive shape of a diamond?

The round shape which has the highest demand is the most expensive one. This is due to its sparkling feature. Another reason which is identified is that the rough diamond that is left after its cutting is only 60 %

Which diamond shapes are affordable?

A few affordable shapes that you can consider buying if you have less budget are- Asscher, Emerald, Radiant, Cushion, and Princess shape.

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