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5 Types of Jewelry Clasps: Match the Perfect One

Jewelry clasps are a bigger deal than you might think about. There are several types of jewelry clasps available in the market that you may consider for your jewelry.

We know jewelry is important but why should clasps be left behind? They deserve consideration as much as the jewelry involved. The jewelry-making process is tougher than you think. There is the unparalleled imagination of design used in the jewelry which needs exploration and creativity, the expertise of the maker is needed while choosing the type of jewelry clasps to be used in the making process.

Jewelry clasps are one of the features of the jewelry that the customers are not really aware of. They think that it is not important, what matters for them is the design, style, and the material being used. But a jewelry clasp is one of the major parts of jewelry that makes it possible for the customer to wear it. Jewelry clasp is also called jewelry fastener, it is the mechanism in the jewelry that allows it to be put on and taken off easily without causing damage.

You will see that some of the jewelry clasps are designed in such a way that they are not much visible in the jewelry, but in some, the focus is laid on the clasps, which are made stronger to hold the jewelry for a long duration.

There are many types of jewelry clasps used in the jewelry that we will acquaint you with in the coming up session.

Types of Jewelry Clasps

1. Spring Ring Clasp

You will get a lot of jewelry with this type of clasps. This type of jewelry clasps was made in the early 1900s, since then there are highly in use.  

It has a metal ring attached to a simple spring mechanism, you just have to pull it back on the teeny tiny lever, when you pull it, the spring compresses and gives you the way to put the other end of your bracelet or necklace in it. When you realize the lever it gets locked and protects your jewelry from getting lost. This is the simple working of these spring ring clasps.

A piece of jewelry with this type of clasps will irritate you when you try to put it on with one hand. You need help from other people to tie it on your wrist or to wear the necklace around your neck. But if you want to challenge yourself you can go ahead and patiently try tieing this type of jewelry. But the jewelry with these clasps is long-lasting that keeps your jewelry safely tied together.

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2. Lobster Clasp

It is named so because of the shape it looks like a lobster’s claw. It is also a spring-loaded and self-closing clasp. To open it you have to the lever down with the help of your thumb. The bottom section will move inward giving you the way to put the other end of the jewelry.

To close, you have to realize the lever and it will get closed. You can get this type of clasps in various sizes and styles to be used in various types of jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.

This is particularly suitable for bracelets and ankle jewelry, as you need a strong clasp to hold the jewelry together when you are moving. This type is used in a piece of jewelry that you are planning to wear on a daily basis.

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3. Fishhook Clasp

Fish hook clasps are rare clasps that are used in jewelry, but it is the most elegant one. One end of the clasps is a metal hook and the other is an oval box. The hook of the clasps is fastened in a hidden spot that is inside the box. It gets locked with the help of a simple spring mechanism. Again like the spring ring clasps, it is hard to tie it with just one hand, hence it is better used for neckpieces than the bracelets.

You may find that inexpensive jewelry that an extra fancy and blinged out with a diamond fish hook clasp is used to make the jewelry more elegant. These types of jewelry clasps make a style statement.

types of jewelry clasps

4. Barrel Types of Jewelry Clasps

A barrel clasp has two identical-looking haves that is screwed together to fasten the jewelry like bracelets and neckpieces. The two haves together makes a barrel shape thus the name of the clasps is given Barrel. Again, like any other clasps, you need the help of other people. In these clasps too, you will need the two hands of others to help you close the jewelry. You can find these types of barrel clasps at a very low cost.

It secures your jewelry from falling off at any point in time. When you know that the jewelry you are wearing has barrel clasps then you don’t have to worry about the jewelry, you can freely wear it and Rome around. These clasps are perfect for the people who love their nails so much and get hurt when anything happens to the nails.

Screenshot 2021 03 04 234015

5. Toggle Clasp

One of the interesting types of jewelry clasps is the toggle clasps that make the task of putting on the jewelry and taking it off. One end of these clasps is a long bar which you can resemble with the alphabet “T”. the other is the circular shape, to close the jewelry with this clasp you have to insert the “T” end in the circular shape. This way your jewelry gets a lock.

The likable thing about these clasps is that you can wear them with one hand only, apart from fulfilling its purpose to lock the jewelry this type also adds style to the jewelry you are wearing. These clasps are preferred to be attached to heavy jewelry that can help the bar from slipping out the circle. Lightweight jewelry might fail to do so.

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What are clasps used for?

Clasps are used for holding one’s jewelry together, without clasps you will not be able to wear jewelry that has two different ends. The clasp is the material in the jewelry that helps you tie the two ends of the jewelry together, and lets you wear the bracelets and jewelry freely.

What is the main component of a necklace?

The main component of any jewelry is the chain, strap that is used to wrap around one’s neck. All the look of the necklace comes from this component. And if this component is not made beautiful or not made strong then you might lose your jewelry soon. so it is important that excellent craftsmanship is needed in the straps/bands/chains of the necklace.

How does a clasp work?

Different jewelry clasps work in different styles the style of spring-ring clasps is different from the barrel clasps, they are made to fulfill the same requirement but the way they do is different.

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