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6 Innovative Wedding Ring Designs Going Around

Discover innovative ring designs and decide how you would want your wedding ring to look like.

So, you are planning to pop the question in front of your wife to be and are nervous about the ring that you should get for her. Wedding rings have, for ages, been an imperative part of our society.

Not only do they act as harbingers of the wedding that is to come, but they also act as a way to magnify your love and store it in physical possession of sorts.

While the practice of giving rings is common as it was ever before, we even see multiple disruptions in the ring designs and the new options that people are trying out. Couples are starting to get bold and innovative with their rings, and weddings are going for better options.

Here, we look at some of the most innovative ring designs for wedding going around in the market and see how these designs can help you to express what is inside your heart in a pertinent manner.

Ring Designs which will make you fall in love with them

Black Diamond Band

Black diamond ring designs

A black diamond ring is seriously one of the most striking choices for couples nowadays. The wedding ring has an all-black ring-like feature that can be accentuated through the presence of a black centerpiece metal of your choice. This wedding ring has gained in popularity with the edgy brides who want to experiment with their wedding rings.

Circular and Sparkly

sparkly ring designs

Adding to the list of unique and edgy wedding rings, the circular and sparkly wedding ring is quite a favorite for brides nowadays. The eye-catching style brings forth an amazing variety of round diamonds that are brilliantly cut to resemble a scattered band. The diamonds have the prominence they deserve, while the ring itself has an amazing cut and bend that would make almost anyone fall in love with it.

Gothic Rose Gold

gothic ring designs

This wedding ring is as scary and enchanting as the name suggests. But, it is one to opt for it if you are looking for unique ring designs that many have not tried yet because believe us when we say that many people might not have worn this amazing gothic rose gold variety.

The design focuses on the varieties of Gothic culture, by bringing in a curve of different small skulls. The skulls from the entire round exterior of the ring positioned across the surface area of the circular cut.

Crowning Glory

crown ring designs

The Crown Ring is a personal favorite of many people because of how well it captures the true essence of royalty and presents it for everyone to look at. The beauty of the crown ring lies in the blend it brings between a true crown and a ring. The texture forms an edge that has a lacy feeling to it. The fabulous royal design is fit for satisfying all your feminine desires and for truly rocking your wedding ring on the day that matters.

Raw Crystal Ring

Raw crystal ring designs

Nature’s beauty is best enjoyed when you see it in its raw form. Seeing the details on the beauty, humans are now opting for rings that have a raw centerpiece in all of its glory. Crystals have emerged to be a relevant option for the user as they incorporate an amazing blend of lavishness and gracefullness.

Sparkly Center Ring

sparkly ring designs

Sparkling rings will never go out of fashion, which is why the new sparkly center ring has been received well by many brides. The sparkly center ring has a line of sparkly diamonds across the curve of the ring. The polished finish makes this ring an amazing, as the sparkling center lights up whenever it is being exposed to light. This is a good design to go for rather than having one centerpiece on your ring.

The amount of innovation within rings is amazing, as many couples are going for new ring designs of their own liking.


How can I design my own wedding ring?

1. Have your design in hand.
2. Select the stone that you want to mount.
3. Select the Setting you want. i.e. Diamond solitaire, three stone rings, Halo rings, Pave settings, Or Bezel setting.
4. Select the metal and finish.
5. Ask your jeweler for a wax model of the design.
6. If you like the design, then you can order your wedding ring.

What is the most popular wedding ring style?

The most popular styles of wedding rings are Diamond solitaire, three stone rings, Halo rings, Pave settings, and Bezel setting.

How much is a real diamond wedding ring?

On average, according to the industry estimates, diamond wedding ring prices range from $3500 – $5000.


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