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diamond accents

Diamond Accents: Whatever You Need To Know in 2020

There are many different ways to make a piece of the diamond ring stand out. Designers can add a pop of color with the gemstones or create a unique and delicate shape with the filigree. Nothing, moreover, makes the diamond ring sparkle and shine quite like diamond accents.

What are diamond accents?

Diamond accents, or accent diamonds, are small diamonds that are used to complete large diamonds and enhance the beauty of the ring piece.

How Big Are Diamond Accents?

The diamond accents size can vary depending on the setting and the size of the main diamond. Moreover, accent diamonds weigh between 0.01 and 0.20 carats. Since these diamonds enhance the beauty of the large diamonds or other gems, accents are usually relatively small.

What Are the Different Types of Diamond Accents?

There are four main types of diamond accents that are used in the ring today, which are:

  • Baguette Accent Diamonds
  • Marquise Accent Diamonds
  • Trillion Accent Diamonds
  • Round Accent Diamonds

Baguette Accent Diamonds

diamond accents
Baguette diamond ring

Baguette Diamonds are step cut diamonds with a rectangular shape. There are also tapered baguette diamonds, which are rectangular-shaped diamonds with long sides that start to become narrower towards the bottom.

This Diamond type is used as a side stone, with one baguette diamond on each side of a larger diamond. Baguette diamonds are only cut with the 14 facets, so they complement larger diamonds without even stealing the spotlight away from them.

It is fairly easy to embed baguette diamonds into a thin band due to their long shape. For this reason, baguette diamonds are often placed around the entire length of a ring with a channel setting.

Marquise Accent Diamonds

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credits- jewelry designs

Marquise diamonds are oval-shaped diamonds with curved sides that come to a sharp point at the top and bottom. Like the baguette diamonds, marquise accent diamonds are also mainly used as stones.

Some of the soft curves of a marquise diamond contrast beautifully with the sharp lines of Emerald and Princess cut diamonds. Marquise diamonds compliment round diamonds as well, adding an unexpected twist to an otherwise classic piece of jewelry.

The unique shape of these diamonds makes them more versatile. Placing them in a V-shape creates a beautiful and unique chevron pattern that will make any piece of the ring stand out.

Trillion Accent Diamonds


Trillion diamonds are a type of a triangular-shaped diamonds that are cut just like radiant diamonds to create an intense sparkle. Trillion diamonds are most of the time used as side stones in three-stone settings.

The brilliance and segment of a diamonds will outshine diamonds that don’t have a great deal of sparkle and shine. For this reason, it is best to pair trillion accent diamonds with round brilliant, oval, or radiant diamonds.

Round Accent Diamonds

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Round accent diamonds are simple, yet absolutely stunning. This is the most reliable and versatile type of accent diamond because its classic shape pairs beautifully with every diamond shape, so it can be used in any setting.

Round diamonds are most of the time used as side stones or in pave or channel settings. Round diamonds are also used to create the popular halo setting, which even features round accent diamonds surrounding a large diamond. These diamonds offers some of the extra sparkle and shine in every setting.

How to Choose the Right Accent Diamonds For Your Ring

The right diamond accents can turn a simple piece of the diamond ring into a glamorous showstopper. But, how can you find the right accent diamonds for your ring? Follow these tips:

Find the right size: It is best to choose accent diamonds that are no larger than 15% of the size of the main stone.

Select matching diamonds: It is essential to choose accent diamonds that are the small size, color, shape, and clarity so that they blend together. With the help of a different accent diamonds will distract from the beauty of the large center diamond.

Don’t be afraid to take risks: There is no need to match the shape of your accent diamonds to the shape of the large diamond. Take risks by pairing different shapes together to create a piece of ring that is beautiful and unique, just like you!

Richelle Walk from Richelle Leigh Collection says-"I use diamond accents all the time in my jewelry designs. That little extra sparkle really adds to the piece. I usually use 2 to 3mm melee sizes in accents. I think that's a nice size to add a little extra and not take away from the focus of the main gemstone. Especially in an engagement ring. I also use sapphire melee as accents as well, for a little splash of color when needed."


What is a composite diamond accent?

Composite diamond rings are rings that are made up of several diamonds fused together to create a larger diamond cluster. They are different from various solitaire diamond rings, which are made up of only one diamond, composite diamond rings can be made up of two diamonds called doublets or three diamonds called triplets.

Are accent diamonds real diamonds?

Diamond accents are indeed real diamonds. While the term accent is used for this type of stone, they are still real diamonds, graded on the same characteristics as diamonds used for a center stone.

What are tiny diamonds called?

Look at the beautiful ring you might see the small diamonds, called melee diamonds, that accent the center diamond and make the ring pop. Melee diamonds are a reliable and popular way to add sparkle to diamond engagement rings.


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