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Everything you need to know about Yellow Diamond

The yellow diamonds are viewed as extravagant shading precious stones apart from the other varieties available like Pink diamonds, Red diamonds, etc. Furthermore, when the shading is unadulterated and solid, these jewels are termed as “Canaries” or “Canary precious stones”. 

While a standard colorless jewel is made of refined carbon, the reason for the yellow shading is from tints of nitrogen that are appended to it during its development cycle. This is the reason just a portion of the jewels is yellow and not the whole. 

It is likewise the measure of nitrogen that is in the precious stone, that sets the power of the yellow shading. A precious stone with a higher measure of nitrogen will show a more grounded yellow shading and will get a shading grade that is higher, for instance, extravagant, incredible, or even impressively vivid.

How much is a yellow diamond worth?

yellow diamond
A rare yellow diamond

Just like the other natural colored diamonds, these yellow precious stones are very uncommon. On the head of that, yellow precious stones are frequently found with high lucidity and grading, the two parameters that have a clear effect on their pricing. In light of that, the decent thing about natural yellow diamonds is that they are viewed as generally moderate while analyzing the niche of natural hued stones. 

For the pricing, a 1-carat fancy yellow precious stone with the vs2 lucidity would somewhat cost approx. $3,500 while a comparable 1-carat jewel with the SI1 lucidity can cost you around $3,000. On the off chance that you decide to go for more grounded shading which means an extraordinary yellow, the costs for such jewels would be 30% higher, and in the event that you go for striking, at that point, the costs can, without much of a stretch, be even 100%-150% higher than regular fancy yellow. So, yellow diamonds are also very expensive.

It would be ideal if you note that these are general numbers and toward the end, every single jewel is graded and assessed dependent on numerous boundaries, a lot more than the notable 4 C’s (cut, clarity, carat, and color) of precious stones

How to evaluate the quality and clarity of a yellow diamond?

images 4
A fancy yellow diamond

Purchasing a precious stone can require a great deal of persistence and tenacity. Finding a high-quality and economical piece can regularly be very troublesome. Realizing how to rate jewel quality and lucidity, while you’re on the track for the ideal stone, can assist you with being more effective during the shopping process. There are a few contemplations to know about, including clearness, cut, shading, and carat weight. Recognizing what to search for and what inquiries to pose, can have a major effect on buying a quality stone. 

First, always inspect the jewel under the normal lighting. Look for any obvious inclusions and flaws. You may see some on a superficial level or inside the stone. The more inclusions, the lower the clearness rating. On the off chance that the stone seems immaculate with the naked eye, the clearness of the stone will be evaluated anyplace from somewhat included to perfect. A goldsmith’s loupe and experienced jewel grader will give you an official grading rating. 

Utilizing a gem specialist’s loupe, take a look at the jewel to discover any inclusions you were unable to notice before with the naked eye. Great quality precious stones will just have inclusions and flaws obvious under the amplification of a goldsmith’s loupe. 

How the color intensity of a yellow diamond determined?

For the above, look at the shade of the precious stone by holding it against a white paper. The more yellow the stone shows up in shading, the lower the shading nature of the jewel. The more white the precious stone shows up, the higher the shading grade. Jewels are graded on a scale beginning with the letter D and afterward descending the letter set. A precious stone that is colorless and shows no yellow shading is appraised D, E, or F. Precious stones that have a faint yellow shading to them are evaluated G. 

Now comes the actual grading report. The grading report will give you an approximate portrayal of the precious stone, including carat weight, shading, cut, and clearness evaluations. The evaluating report will likewise say whether the stone has been treated falsely to shroud defects or inclusions.

What is a synthetic and natural yellow diamond?

Synthetic yellow diamond 

Similar to the sorts of jewels, the yellow precious stones can also be made in a lab intentionally for the fancy gems. In the case of the synthetic diamond, the stone gets its iconic yellow hue from a chemical treatment. These synthetic precious stones make up most of the yellow jewels. The synthetic assortment is still broadly mainstream because of the worth that a jewel has as a rule. 

Natural yellow diamonds 

Natural yellow precious stones are uncommon and harder to discover for buying than the synthetic yellow jewels. The color of a natural jewel is brought about by nitrogen adulterants that are introduced when a precious stone is being framed. Since they are incredibly uncommon, natural yellow precious stones are additionally very costly, despite the fact that contrasted with other colored jewels, they are one of the more affordable colors. 

Natural yellow precious stones are bound to have various conceals of yellow going from light with bits of white in them to light yellow with no white bits. The less white bits in a yellow precious stone, the more uncommon the jewel is, with the most striking yellow color being the most costly kind. Hence, this is what a synthetic and naturally occurring yellow diamond is.


What is the meaning of a yellow diamond?

The significance of yellow jewels is taken from the yellow color. Yellow is the color of the sun that represents trust, joy, optimism, and vitality. Hence, a yellow diamond is a popular choice for easygoing and positive people who like to rejoice and spread love.

Where is a yellow diamond used?

A yellow diamond is suitable for wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc.

What is the most famous yellow diamond?

The incomparable diamond is the most famous, third-largest, and the most expensive yellow diamond in the world weighing about 407.49 carats. It has a fancy brownish shade and ranks behind the 545.67-carat Golden Jubilee diamond and the 530.20 Cullinan I diamond. It is also the largest faceted yellow diamond.


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