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5 Things to Know about July Birthstone: Ruby

If you are a July born lucky one, then you would be happy to know that owning ruby jewelry will be a lucky charm for you. Ruby is the July birthstone, which will make you feel the positive aura around you.

What is Ruby (the July Birthstone)?

Traditionally, the July birthstone “ Ruby” is known as “King of precious stone” for its uniqueness and its dominant beauty. It is counted among one of the traditional cardinal gems, along with others like- Sapphire– which is the September birthstone, Emerald– May birthstone, diamond, and amethyst. July birthstone’s name “Ruby” hail from the word “Ruber”- which means the colour “red” signifying love and passion. Enunciating on its colour, it is of deep red with a mall hint of purple, together the colour called “Pigeon’s blood”. The reason for such colour is its element “Chromium”.

July birthstone "Ruby"

What does Ruby Symbolize?

For its name “King of precious stone” it is a symbol of uniqueness, comes second after diamond in hardness, its admirable beauty stretched from the power and energy. Traditionally, this July birthstone was believed to have the power to predict misfortune and danger. Ruby jewellery is the one adored by everyone who is wishful to have such a gemstone in their collection. Trade records have postulated that rubies were prized as long as 200 B.C while there trade on the North Silk Road in China.

This July birthstone was a symbol for good fortune, thus were placed beneath the foundation of any building to bring positivity and a secure house with all the strengths. This July birthstone was also embedded in the armour and harnesses during the battle time, this tradition was followed by Ancient Chinese and other men. The same tradition was followed by the Burmese believing that ruby carries indomitable power, they didn’t embed it in the armor instead they planted it in their skin before they go out for battle. Greeks believed that ruby’s glow had the power to melt the wax.

It is also the gemstone gifted in weddings and engagement, as a piece of jewellery as It is regarded as the epitome of love and compassion.

Ruby is believed to cure inflammatory disease. This July birthstone is also believed to work on anger and calms down with its power.

Where is this July birthstone found?

One of the oldest sources of rubies has been Myanmar which was then known as “Burma”. Talking about the timeline, more than 5 centuries, the Mogok region in Myanmar was known for the most sought rubies. Describing in more detail, the red beauty softened by light scattering illusions.

Since the 20s, another source for the July Birthstone, that has been identified is Vietnam. Two regions in Vietnam that are the source of rubies are Luc Yen and Quy Chau. In the Luc yen region in Vietnam. The July birthstone that they produce are rubies of purple-red color. In Quy Chau Region they also produce a large number of fine rubies.

This July birthstone is also found in the African nation. Talking specifically it is found in Mozambique, which has prolific mines, and rubies found there are compared to the rubies of Mogok.

In the late 1900s, the rubies found along the Thailand and Cambodia, border, was the main source of rubies for the marketplace established then. Some of the other players who source rubies are Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tajikstan MAdgaszar, and Tanzania.

Ruby (July birthstone) Cleaning and Caring

Many a time, to remove the purple colour of ruby and to leave it to a pure red color. Such a process also helps in removing “silk” that can make the gem lighter and much opaque, After heat it is put to stable conditions to be used for wear afterward. For more work, rubies are put to lattic diffusion, to treat and dye. But the disadvantage of this treatment is the way it can make the ruby unfortified to damage when used as a jewel to wear for daily use.

The FTC( Federal Trade Commission) requires the disclosure of the process of treatment being used in cleansing of the gem to preserve their value. GIA identification report helps in identifying whether a stone is natural or not( synthetic). Whether the treatment is being done in the right manner or not.

To be on the safer side of the treatment, like other gems try putting in the warm water and use soft brush. If you want to clean the stones which are untreated, lattice diffuse, or heat-treated, ultrasonic or steam cleaners are safe to use. But one needs to take extra care of glass-filled or dyed stone and that is to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How to purchase this July birthstone

We are sure you don’t want to hurry up while being this precious gem for yourself or your loved one. Before buying Ruby. A beautiful magnificent gemstone for July born people, be extra cautious as you would not like to get disheartened after spending much of your amount, and get a not real one. As discussed earlier It is unique, it is not found graded using any kind of scale or any other ranking system. The other way to find the perfect one for you will be to look for its properties.

If you are looking out for an affordable July birthstone, then you can look for a 1-carat ruby. It may cost you $300 but you can get your dream come true and that too is fair quality.

What can be more affordable for you will be a Lab made july birthstone, that you can get at 90% off the price that of a natural ruby of the same quality. This can be the best one for you which is under your budget, with the same quality and a good one to fulfill your gratification and bring charm in your life if you are a July born.

But Keep in mind as the size of the ruby increases, the price increase too, so be careful and set your budget according to the size of this July birthstone you want. Rubies are cut in various shapes as well that you can buy according to your preference. Commons one that you can find is heart and emerald that Is readily available in the market. Now, coms your favourite part of choosing the color from a blend of colors:- purple-red color. Other colors that may catch your eye and you may also fall in love with them are sapphire, violet, and Pink (but don’t get confused with pink sapphire gemstone).

This July birthstone has a thing known as extinctions that are black or grey parches that are found inside ruby when it is put in natural light and not the artificial one. So don’t hesitate in moving the ruby towards the natural light and scrutinizing it as much as you can.

A July birthstone "Ruby"

What are the colors available for ruby?

Purple-Red, Pink, Sapphire & violet

How hard is this July birthstone?

Ruby is 9.0 hard in Mohs scale

Where are Rubies found?

They are found in various places:- Myanmar, Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tajikistan, Madagascar, and Tanzania. China

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