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#4 Best Places to buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Events like Engagement are so exciting, right? But don’t they come with so much pressure to do shopping? Would you buy a diamond engagement ring? How would you decide which Diamond engagement ring to buy? Would you buy a diamond engagement ring? If yes, from where? Would you prefer it buying from a store or from online?

Amidst so much confusion we are here to give a direction towards how to buy a diamond engagement ring for your fiancé, and start your new journey with a happy and shining token of love a “Diamond engagement ring”

Here, we come with few options for you that you can search for when looking for a diamond engagement ring for your loved one.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile

The brand was founded in 1999, as an innovative player for the diamond engagement ring and diamond business. It revolutionized the whole diamond business by bringing all of it online making it smooth and just one click away for the buyers to buy their desirous diamond engagement ring or only diamond. It has a team of diamond and jewelry experts that ensure the quality of the diamond engagement ring or the diamond provided by the brand “Blue Nile”. A quality check is done before shipping it to the customer.

Approximately 2,000,000 customers are happily connected with the Blue Nile. And as many as thousands of couples have trusted the Blue Nile in buying the diamond engagement ring. They support themselves with 5,000,000 unique pieces of jewelry within them.

Talking about authenticity it has diamond certification, which takes care of all the diamond-related issues, and you are not left with the gap to worry about the authenticity of the diamond. They have a 30-day return and lifetime guarantee, such policies offered to customers makes it more reliable for couples to buy from the Blue Nile.

They also provide customized engagement rings, which becomes an admirable spot for the new customers to come and have the shape and customization in the diamond engagement ring. You can select your diamond, choose the style that you want for your ring, and decide the design with your preference.

James Allen

Diamond engagement ring

It was founded in 2006. The James Allen owner has 60 years’ of experience along with manufacturing diamonds for major retailers, naming one Tiffany & CO. It has more than 200,000 certified diamonds on the website pictured in 360 degree HD photographs, It has Real-time diamond inspections in their system where experts are present 24/7 for help to customers. It offers a Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping worldwide which helps the customer to only spend on the diamond engagement ring and not the other charges for it. Customers are happy with its issue free returns and guarantee of 100% money back, when not suited.

James Allen has gained the trust of approx. 150,000 couples. If you wish to buy the engagement ring by going to their store you can also do that, by visiting their retail store located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

James Allen has GIA Graduate Gemologist as an integral part of the customer service team. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the diamond engagement ring by yourself after buying it from James Allen, as they provide the cleaning service free of cost for every six months.

A full insurance evaluation is provided on the purchase of the engagement ring that is of high value than $1000. James Allen also provides you with an opportunity to order a diamond engagement ring that is personalized according to your preference, so that you don’t feel it like any other ring but the ring that belongs to you.



Leibish is a worldwide online retailer offering high-end diamonds and jewelry that one will compel to buy. It was founded in 1979 by Leibish, his wife, and their children. With 33 years of experience in the industry, Leibish has built a base of loyal customers. In 2012 the brand celebrated the notable milestone of 1,00,000 monthly visitors online with a returning customer rate remaining 74 %.

It is not like any other online diamond retail stop but it believes in constant growth and winning the trust of their customer by participating in various trade shows, press releases, and diamond-related functions. In 2016 the brand came back winning the first internally flawless Argyle Tender diamond which was an offer in over 20 years. In 2015 The brand took with them 26 tender diamonds. See all such achievement anybody would be attracted towards buying a diamond engagement ring, right?

To be more sure of the security and authenticity of the diamond which they offer, they give you a GIA certificate with the diamond engagement ring that you would like to offer. Leibish offers free of cost shipping with full security worldwide. It also provides you with a money-back guarantee to reduce the onus on you if you don’t like the end part( T&A applied). It has 30 days easy return policy without asking a question.

Brian Gavin Diamonds


It is counted as one of the first e-tailers that offered “Super ideal Cut” Diamonds. They Are worldwide famous for crafting heart and Arrows diamonds. A diamond engagement ring with a heart shape diamond, do you think this would be a perfect engagement ring that you can give to your fiancé? Isn’t it exciting? You are just a few clicks away from offering a very special gift to your life partner. Diamonds sold by the brand are conflict-free which are purchases from legitimate sources and you need not worry about it as they are not involved in funding conflict diamonds, in compliance with United Nations resolution.

They understand how important it is for a person buying a diamond engagement ring or diamond, to check if the diamond is real or not. For this, they provide an “Eye Clean” assessment on S11 and S12 graded Diamonds. If you want to see a diamond before it is set for the final order for you, the brand has a way out for you. After making the payment, the brand will ship the diamond to you via Fedex, which would be a priority overnight. You can send it back after, with the same process.

They also offer a lifetime warranty for the jewellery.  You must be looking for a discount right? You will be happy to know that if you are paying with a bank wire, check, or money order, you can be given a 3 % discount for Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows and Blue, furthermore 1 % discount for Brian Gavin Select.

The brand also has a customer Referral Program through which you can refer the brand to friends, family members and can get a chance to receive a check for up to $100. To qualify for the customer referral program, you must be an existing Brian Gavin Diamond customer.

Can I buy diamond in Black Color?

Yes, to know more facts about Black diamond go to:- Black diamond

Where are diamond found?

Russia and South Africa,Brazil, Australia, Botswana

Do these places have return policy?

yes, all of them offer return policy

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