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March Birthstones:- Aquamarine and Bloodstone| Meaning and Types

If you are born in March, you would be lucky to have two March birthstones:- Aquamarine and Bloodstone.
Birthday months are so special to individuals, right? So do the birthstones.

Aquamarine and bloodstone are precious for individuals born in March. Both Marchstones are different when compared by their physical appearance, but if you dive deep into their magic they have things in common that protect one’s well-being.

Aquamarine- March birthstone
  1. Colour: Green & Blue
  2. Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  3. Mohs hardness: 7.5 and 8
  4. Specific gravity: 2.72
  5. Refractive Index: 1.57 – 1.58
  6. Transparency: Clear
  7. Lustre: Vitreous

Aquamarine birthstone

It sets out the colors of the sea, a mixture of dark green-blue to light green-blue. It is known for its beauty that shines out from the color blend. It symbolizes the purity of spirit and soul. This March Gemstone is derived from  Latin used for seawater. Ancient mariners believed that the gem has the power to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea, during their voyage. This birthstone is believed to bring happiness in marriage and thus is often gifted on the 19th anniversary.

Counting the famous ones, one of Aquamarine was given to the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, in 1936 by the government of Brazil. For ages, it is known for its powers to calm tensed nerves.

It is said that it works well during meditation by clearing thoughts, evoking a higher level of consciousness and spiritual awareness. It brings both spiritual and physical bodies to one alignment, through its magical powers.

Symbolism and the Meaning it refers

The March birthstone ” Aquamarine” Stone is symbolized for relaxation. It is used for healing purposes, as during the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that the gem could save someone who is poisoned. Others used it as a powder to cure diseases. Because of its beauty, it is also symbolized purity and love. Modern believers think that it brings harmony within a person and it is connected to the throat chakra, which helps in overcoming the speaking fear, and gives us the strength to express the truth and wisdom.  

In  History Romans believed that from an Aquamarine gem is frog was carved out, it works for both the parties and enemies to become amiable to each other. Other sects of Romans confirmed that the stone unfurled the atmosphere of love and when worn, it does great things. Its characteristic of being crystal clear, when it was carved into a ball, it worked as a fortune-telling ball, which was used by fortune tellers. It was also believed that if it is put in water and is drunk, it worked as medicine to cure a person with eye disease. Not only for the eyes, but it works also for the liver, jaws & throat.

Care & Cleaning

It is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It has long durability and its care is easy with few steps:- using warm water, pouring a small drop of dish soap, and scrubbing it with the toothbrush. Avoid using enzymes and detergent, as they can cause allergies that you would not like to have, Sudden changes in temperature should be avoided, also do not bring them in contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, or any other chemicals.

Tips For buying the Stone

We are sure after knowing what beauty exists within this gem, you will be longing for it now. Before, buying, we are here to help you, buy the right one. Aquamarine is a part of the beryl family. While purchasing this gem, see the color of the stone, the deeper the stone the more value it holds. A more valued Aquamarine stone has a pure blue appearance.  You can choose the size of the gem depending upon the ornament or the use you want to put it into. Lastly, just watch for its clear and visible body. Make sure it is eye clean i.e it is transparent.


It is found embedded in riverbeds. It is generally found in India, Brazil, and Australia. It is also known as heliotrope or as Blood Jasper, derived from Greek that means “ to turn the sun”. Philosophies suggest that it was named so with the idea of how minerals reflect light. Other sects believed that if the gem were put into water, then it would turn red.

Bloodstone color

The color blend of bloodstone is green and a rusty red, which resembles the color of molten lava. Variety of its color can even range from yellow to no-color. After polishing its experience brings out the waxy texture in it. Unlike Aquamarine, its Mohs Scale of hardiness is 6.5 to 7.0 which makes it less durable than Aquamarine.

Credits:- Stephen morris
  1. Colour: Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown
  2. Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  3. Mohs hardness: 7.5 and 8
  4. Specific gravity: 2.55 to 2.70
  5. Refractive Index: 1.54 – 1.55
  6. Transparency: Opaque
  7. Lustre: Vitreous

Symbol and the meaning it holds.

This March birthstone is the epitome of courage and healing, which supports strength and vitality. Traditionally, it was known for its help in improved circulation and healing blood disorders and wounds. It was known to preserve health and youth and in the modern era, it is considered to be a lucky charm for those who possess it, which is why it was given as a prize to athletes and other winners to bolster them. In India, even in today’s time, bloodstone is used as an aphrodisiac. It is also symbolized as Martyr’s stone or Christ’s stone after it was believed that blood from Jesus Christ flowed to some Jasper during the crucifixion.

Clean and caring

It is also easy to clean with simple steps of pouring a few drops of soap in warm water and cleaning the gem with a soft cloth or brush. But due to its reactive nature, it is advised not to wear it when you are cleaning something or with some chemicals or even when you are doing some hands-on work-life gardening

Tips for buying Bloodstone

Bloodstone is closely associated with Christianity. There are many characteristics you need to look into while buying it so that you don’t fall into the fisher’s trap. Before buying it take your own time to scrutinize it and hold It in your hand for a while and make note of a few points. First, see its brightness, see how good it is in shining. It is opaque which will not help you in assessing its quality. The size of the gem determines its shapes and uses.

The smaller gem may be cut and polished for beads which later becomes part of bigger shapes jewels like heart etc. Because of its size and vibrant color, it makes up for the men’s ring and its spiritual touch-up gives it for religious items like crucifixes and healing. For Women beautiful pendants and bracelets beautifies the personality. It is chosen to be worn on daily basis also but again for daily use the person needs to be extra cautious while working. It is durable but a little less than Aquamarine and is safe to be worn as heavier wear.

What is the cost of Aquamarine March Birthstone?

Smaller Aquamarine costs from $100 to $250 per carat

What is the cost of a bloodstone?

It can cost from $1000 to $10,000

What is the cost of green-blue Aquamarine stone?

They are priced lower until the color saturation is really good.

What are other names for Bloodstone?          

Blood Jasper and Heliotrope, and some also call it Christ stone or Martyr’s stone

Is Bloodstone Transparent?

No Bloodstone is opaque

What is the color range for Bloodstone?

It can be found in Green, rusty Red, Yellow, Brown or with no color at all

Which is one is more durable Bloodstone or Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is your stone if you are looking for a more durable one

How hard is an Aquamarine stone?

Aquamarine’s hardness range from 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale

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