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Birthstones: What Each Of The 12 Birthstones Symbolizes?

As the name itself reads, birthstones are special gemstones associated with the birth month of an individual, or his Zodiac sign. Being vibrant, they form meaningful gifts on special occasions but they mean more than gifts. If you’re looking out for your birthstone, find it here.

Origin of birthstones

Although the idea of a birthstone is a modern creation, its origin dates back to the biblical period when the historians believed that the twelve stones of Aaron’s breastplate conformed to the twelve tribes of Israel. Nevertheless, Josephus and St. Jerome, later on, started correlating these gemstones with the zodiac signs of the wearer and concluded that these stones offer special powers to the wearer during the astrological period i.e. birth month. Hence, people started to collect and wear all twelve birthstones throughout the year to gain those powers and other benefits.

It was only between the 16th and 18th centuries that the practice of wearing only the birthstone associated with your birth month or Zodiac sign got some prominence.

Are birthstones Minerals or Gemstones?

This is a common confusion people have in their minds that whether their birthstone is a Gemstone or a Mineral. So, let’s make it clear. For any substance to be called a mineral, it must fulfill the below criteria i.e.:

  • It must be naturally occurring and not man-made, 
  • It should be inorganic and solid, 
  • It must have a defined chemical composition, and 
  • It must have an ordered internal structure.

Hence, out of the twelve birthstones that we have, some are gemstones while others can be taken as minerals. For example, Emerald is a mineral as it is grown inside a mollusk. Similarly, Opal‘s organic form will not be viewed as a mineral.

What does your birthstone say about you?

Each birthstone has the power to assist you either socially, emotionally, or economically.
But do you know that it symbolizes a lot about you?

If you want to know, go through the following list of birthstones for each month with their significance.

January’s birthstone: Garnet

This fascinating gemstone was used 5000 years ago in jewelry making and since then has been one of the prominent stones ever, especially in Europe and Sweden. Apart from its traditional reddish-brown color, you can find garnet in orange, yellow, green, violet, purple, and pink hues. It represents friendship, health, wealth, and love.

February’s birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst is a precious February birthstone having a dark violet to lavender shade. It symbolizes security, honesty, spirituality, and true happiness alongside royalty as it was used for adorning royal crowns in the 3000 B.C.  

March’s birthstone: Aquamarine

This bluish-green gemstone symbolizes health, honesty, loyalty, and hope. The Romans saw Aquamarine as a means to make new friends or harmonize old relationships. It is also said to calm down the wearer and help him during difficult phases of life.

April’s birthstone: Diamond

Diamond, formed deep below the earth under extreme temperatures and high pressure is by far the most beloved and precious gemstone that symbolizes love and that’s why it’s gifted on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

May’s birthstone: Emerald

Emerald was first mined 2000 years ago in upper Egypt and now it’s mined in other places as well like Columbia, Brazil, and Zambia. This gemstone comes in a mesmerizing light-green to deep-green shade symbolizing wisdom, rebirth, success in relationships, and good fortune.

June’s birthstone: Pearl

Besides diamonds, pearl, a gemstone found inside saltwater oysters is another wonder of the world. It symbolizes love, happiness, and success. 

July’s birthstone: Ruby

This deep red July’s birthstone Ruby was once the king of all birthstones having different beliefs and uses. While Hindus wore Ruby as a shield from the evil spirits, the Chinese warriors used the stone on their armor to represent their dedication. Above all, Ruby embodies love, health, and wisdom. 

August’s birthstone: Peridot

The Peridot 500 is an olive-green gemstone that exemplifies plenty of powers and good fortune to its wearer. 

September’s birthstone: Sapphire

Found in different shades like pink, green, white, and yellow, Sapphire’s iconic color is blue. It represents faith, trust, wisdom, purity, calmness, peace, and loyalty. Rich blue sapphire is found in Asia, Africa, the US, and Australia.

October’s birthstone: Opal

Opal 500 is the most vibrant gemstone resembling a rainbow. The term opal comes from the Greek word opallios meaning changing colors. That’s why opal is believed to change its colors when viewed from different angles and under different lightings. It symbolizes good luck for its wearer.

November’s birthstone: Topaz

Topaz, November’s gemstone, comes in different shadings like rich orange, blue, pink, yellow, etc. representing friendship, longevity, and wisdom. 

December’s birthstone: Turquoise

Tanzanite carries mesmerizing blue and violet shades. It represents patriotism, love, and confidence in the life of the wearer. The precious gemstone was first mined in Tanzania after which it was named. 


What is July’s birthstone?

The birthstone for July is Ruby, a deep red gemstone considered the king of all gemstones having different beliefs and uses. While Hindus wore Ruby as a shield from the evil spirits, the Chinese warriors used the stone on their armor to represent their dedication. Above all, Ruby embodies love, health, and wisdom.

Which is the rarest birthstone out of the twelve?

Among the twelve birthstones, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, and Pearl are the rarest birthstones. Of these four, a decent-sized pearl with the flawless coloration is the rarest of all.

What are the two birthstones of March?

March is one such month that has two birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

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