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Oval-Cut Engagement Ring: Is This The Best Cut In 2020?

Over 60% of the buyers purchase round-cut engagement rings. So, if you want to stand out from the masses, an oval-cut engagement ring is what you should consider once. If you want to know why, read ahead.

What is an oval-cut diamond?

An oval-cut was first invented in the 1950s by a qualified diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan of Russia who was known for transforming a useless and awful raw diamond into a brilliant piece. One of his inventions, the oval cut resembles a round brilliant cut but carries an elegant elongated shape with more brilliance and fire to add on owing to the 58 facets. 

Due to their bigger appearance than a round diamond when cut well, people started choosing oval-cut engagement rings over the round cut ones. Another reason behind its choice proved to be the fact that they can endow a variety of hand shapes and sizes along with making the fingers look thinner and longer.

History of an oval-cut engagement ring

This is something you should appreciate. The oval cut diamonds we are today presented to weren’t even in existence till the 1950s. It all started when Lazare Kaplan, a Russia-based diamond cutter gained interest in diamond cutting while working closely with his uncle, Abraham Tolkowsky who invented the ideal diamond cut. Before the oval cut, Lazare gained immense skills in cleaving which is a process of transforming flawed and worthless diamond stones into smaller precious stones. And with this grew the popularity of the oval-cut engagement rings.

How much does an oval-cut engagement ring worth?

Since a lesser amount of precious raw diamond goes into waste while processing than a round brilliant cut, these are less premium and thus cost less (around 28% less) than a round-cut diamond. Also, due to their lesser depth, they seem to be bigger and fuller than the round-cut diamonds due to which an oval-cut diamond of any carat will appear bigger than the round-cut having the same carat weight. On average, the cost of a fancy oval-cut diamond costs something around $3,700 per carat.

Best oval-cut engagement ring settings

Being versatile, you can have any setting for your oval-cut engagement ring. From a prong setting with 4-6 prongs to secure and glorify the stone to the bezel setting, there are endless options for you to try. Most of the buyers also prefer an engagement ring with 4-5 stones having prongs for the center diamond and a bezel setting for the side diamonds. Other settings to try are:

Halo setting

A halo of sparkling small oval-cut diamonds makes the stones radiate more and represent plenty of character of the wearer.

Solitaire setting

If you want your oval-cut diamond to take the center stage and grab everyone’s attention, this simple yet classic solitaire setting would be an ideal choice.

Pavé setting

A pavé setting renders more shimmer and character to the oval-cut engagement ring.

Tips for buying an oval-cut engagement ring

Getting to own the finest oval-cut engagement ring won’t take much of your time if you keep the following tips in mind.

Oval shape: tall or squat?

A tall and wider oval-cut diamond appears more shimmery and pronounced than the smaller and narrow stones (suitable for supplementing ancient stones) that incite a softer and less-pronounced look.  

Bowtie effect: yes or no?

Another significant feature of an oval-cut diamond is the bowtie effect which is a murky discoloration in the middle of the precious stone. While a mild bowtie effect in your oval-cut diamond can add to the beauty of your oval-cut engagement ring, you may not call for a ring in which the bowtie effect is potent. Hence, always get your oval diamond closely examined for the bowtie effect.

They look bigger than other cuts!

As said above, due to their lesser depth, an oval-cut diamond looks fuller and bigger than the round-cut diamonds of the same carat. Hence, choose a lesser carat stone for your oval-cut engagement ring and invest more in the other aspects of the ring like setting, base metal, other stones, etc.

They are more affordable

Although rarer than the other diamond cuts like round cut, the worth of oval-cut diamonds remains on a lower side. Hence, make sure your oval-cut engagement ring doesn’t cost more than a round brilliant engagement ring for the same carat.

Celebrities adorning an oval-cut engagement ring

The following are some of the celebrities owning super precious and expensive oval-cut engagement rings.

  1. Blake Lively, owner of an oval-cut ring with a center stone mounted on a three-sided diamond band by the designer Lorraine Schwartz.
  2. Selma Hayek, owner of platinum set five-carat oval-cut engagement ring worth $200,000.
  3. Kate Middleton dons the world’s most precious oval-cut blue sapphire engagement ring.
  4. Julianne Hough is the proud owner of a 5-carat oval diamond solitaire ring featuring a delicate band featuring accent diamonds.
  5. Lady Gaga wears an oval-cut pink sapphire engagement ring with a halo setting.


What is an oval-cut diamond?

An oval-cut is a fancy diamond cut that resembles a round brilliant cut but carries an elegant elongated shape with more brilliance and fire to add on owing to the 58 facets.

What is the bowtie effect?

A significant feature of an oval-cut diamond is its bowtie effect, a dull discoloration at the center of the diamond from where the light isn’t reflected. Hence, the bowtie effect lowers down the splendidness and sparkle of the stone.

What is the ideal length to width ratio of an oval diamond?

The optimal length to width ratio of an oval-cut diamond is 1.32 to 1.45.

Is an oval-cut engagement ring expensive?

No, such a ring would always cost less than any other diamond cut owing to the less wastage of raw diamond in the processing. 

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