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Category: Gold

Marcasite jewelry

Marcasite Jewelry: 4 things you must know about them

Let’s read about Marcasite Jewelry? Most jewelry collectors nowadays go above and beyond to find genuine, one-of-a-kind gems. As a result, unique gemstones are becoming prominent in jewelry design. Marcasite


A Complete Guide to Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Don’t be put off by the clinical name; hypoallergenic jewelry is simply jewelry designed to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction. This name specifically refers to the materials that


How to Mix Metal Jewelry? A Complete Guide

Do you want to know how can you Mix Metal Jewelry to wear heavy jewelry with style? Mixing and matching different colored metals is nothing new, but you’re not alone


Buy the Best Gold Chains for Men

Get the best Gold chains for men here and enhance your beauty with it. In recent years, a new generation of starters in high quality jewelry has arisen, shaking a


Gold Vermeil: What Makes It The Best In 2020?

Most of you may find the term “gold vermeil” unique but this isn’t true. This word has been in the market for years. If you have ever heard of gold-plated


How Is A Popular Black Hills Gold Jewelry Made?

Have you always wondered about Black hills gold jewelry? Is it another sort of gold? How does it differ from rose gold and white gold? If you have such questions


Gold Bracelet: Which Karat Makes it Best?

A gold bracelet is a piece of jewelry worn around the wrists or arms. Being unisex, it’s equally popular among both men and women, especially if it’s made of gold,


How to buy A Perfect Real Gold Chain?

A real gold chain is one of the common accessories found adorning the necks of both men and women. However, most of the customers feel that a gold chain is

herringbone chain

Herringbone Chain: What All You Must Know?

A herringbone chain is one of the many accessories popular among today’s youth. Basically, it is made by setting the flat and rectangular metal (sometimes copper, gold, etc.) links corresponding

14k, 18k or 24k. Which one to choose?

14k-Gold Chain

A chain not only connects individuals and bonds; it additionally associates different types of jewelry, as pendants, souvenirs, and special necklaces. It is regarded as the most significant bit of

Black Gold

Black Gold- Is it Real?

For a long time, when people said black gold, they were colloquially referring to oil. Now, there is such a thing as the black gold jewelry industry, and it is


All you need to know about Rose Gold Ring

Rose gold is a beautiful and elite precious metal with a rosy sheen. It is a romantic choice for the engagement rings and popular in some other jewelry too. But


How to choose Between 14K, 18K, and 24K?

You want to buy a gift for someone very special. Maybe to mark a special occasion? Or just to say, “I love you.” What better than a beautiful piece of

Gold Ring

How To Polish Gold Ring At Home?

Gold is a beautiful metal and an asset for its owners, moreover, this valuable metal requires care and maintenance. When it comes to polishing your gold rings, you don’t always

Gold Ring Worth

How Much Is 14k and 18k Gold Ring Worth?

Not all gold is created equal. In its pure form, gold is exceedingly soft and malleable. Its properties do not allow the created ring to stand up well to daily