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Uncovering the mystery of the Pink diamond pearl?

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The pink diamond is one of the most alluring kinds of diamonds due to its remarkable and sentimental shading. Pink diamonds are among the most extraordinary of diamonds alongside regular violet, red, and blue shaded stones. Because of their extraordinariness, just as their fame, excellence, and significant expenses, individuals will in general have numerous significant inquiries like the ones we have answered here. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Are pink diamonds rare?

All fancy colored diamonds are viewed as uncommon as mined far less habitually than their colorless partners. Indeed, a few examinations have demonstrated that merely 0.01% of the colored diamonds are mined every year in contrast with colorless stones. Pink diamonds are amazingly delightful, and among the most uncommon of the universe of colors, soon after red, profound violets, and purples, and that is the reason the interest for pink diamond engagement rings has expanded so generously. 

Since the interest of pink diamonds is so high, the estimation of some pink diamonds today is enormous. Subsequently, there are many using these stones as speculation pieces.

Where do pink diamonds come from?

Common pink diamonds can be found in Brazil, Russia, Siberia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Canada. Nonetheless, most of these stunning stones hail from the Argyle Mine in Australia, which is claimed by Rio Tinto. The association’s headquarters are likewise in Perth, Western Australia. 

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Here, the best quality pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are cut and cleaned before they are sold through a selective tender. To an extent and to comprehend the uncommonness of pink diamonds, out of each 1 million carats of harsh diamonds that the mine produces, only 1 carat is reasonable to sell. 

Lately, there has been a rising worry about the accessibility of these gems – which could mean an unexpected spike in intrigue and flood in costs as gatherers scramble to have one of their own before the supply runs out.

What is the cost of pink diamonds?

Among the widely known and mined colored diamonds, the pink diamonds are indeed the costliest ones. Indeed, even those that weigh under 1 carat regularly order stunning costs at sell-off. The cost of pink diamonds that can be contrasted with that of the ultra-deep blue diamonds, another form of expensive diamonds. 

Remember that changing the shading can affect the worth – and cost of a pink diamond. A brown auxiliary hue, for instance, is regular to stop by, and in this manner, may bring about a more moderate pink stone. Then again, a purplish-pink diamond might be valued higher.

Are pink diamonds real?

Yes, all-natural pink diamonds are genuine. However, here, “natural” refer to diamonds that are mined naturally and have pink shading instead of being treated at all to get pink. This extraordinariness factor is the primary explanation pink diamonds are so costly. In view of these components, particular shades of pink diamonds are unbelievably important and are viewed as great investments.

So as to decide if a pink precious stone is natural or has been artificially upgraded, one needs to take care of its GIA certificate which determines the beginning of the shading. It is acknowledged in the business to treat a jewel artificially. There are a few techniques for fake shading upgrade, some of which are reversible and some are definitely not. Obviously natural pink diamonds are unquestionably more significant, interesting, and exceptional than artificially upgraded pink diamonds.

Why are pink diamonds so expensive?

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A pink diamond

Going by the studies, less than 0.01% of all diamonds mined are quality pink stones. The absolute first inquiry people appear to have is with respect to their significant expenses than the colorless diamonds. Surely, pink diamonds are valued genuinely high; altogether higher than, state earthy colored or yellow diamonds. In any case, the primary explanation for pink diamonds having a name of being expensive is that they are difficult to find and are more popular than the rest.

Supply seriously affects the costs. Likewise, the origin of the stone will likewise say something regarding the stone. For instance, like a brand name of any extravagance brand, Argyle Pink Diamonds, mined from the Argyle mine in Western Australia are viewed as probably the best pink diamonds in the market. 

Moreover, some may be seeing Argyle pink diamonds, which are regularly valued considerably higher. These diamonds are found in the Argyle mine in Australia. Because of the shading and their effective branding and promoting methods, Argyle pink diamonds have become like a creator brand that is estimated more than others, despite the fact that they may not really be better in quality.

Do pink diamonds worth more than white diamonds?

Yes, it goes without saying that colored diamonds are to be surely worth more per carat than colorless diamonds. Just, obviously, the jewel attributes will basically decide the worth that these stones may hold. This implies when an impressive 1.50-carat pink jewel is contrasted with a 1.50-carat colorless stone, the pink precious stone is worth very much more than the white jewel. Nonetheless, if a similar 1.50-carat common pink jewel was contrasted with a comparable colorless precious stone however of 100.00 carats, clearly, the colorless stone would be worth undeniably more per carat in view of its size.

What causes the color of pink diamonds?

While most colored diamonds owe their colors to contaminations, for example, nitrogen (yellow) and boron (blue) the reason for pink diamonds is as yet indistinct. Instead of any compound being answerable for the pink color, it is accepted that the interesting coloring is a consequence of the huge weight the stones suffered underneath the Earth’s surface after some time. Deformation in the precious stone’s gem lattice is the thing that may be the purpose behind the pink jewel’s color.

Pink diamonds have a place within the Type II category of diamonds, which is the more extraordinary and a more important sort. While most diamonds on the planet are Type I, just a little rate are II a or type II b, and pink diamonds are remembered for this uncommon category.


1. Are pink diamonds real?

Ans: Yes, pink diamonds are real keeping in mind the fact that they must not be upgraded to appear as pink.

2. Are pink diamonds expensive?

Ans: Yes, due to limited mining sites and extreme popularity, these diamonds are expensive.

3. Where pink diamonds can be used?

Ans: Pink diamonds are suitable for almost every form of jewelry.

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