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What is citrine?

What is citrine?

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Citrine, a precious gemstone, has been known for years and used to be favored for its irregularity, however that has changed with time. The antiquated Romans utilized it for wonderful jewelry and intaglio work. It was likewise exceptionally famous for jewelry in the nineteenth century. During the period between World Wars I and II, enormous citrines were set in many-valued pieces, including the huge and expanded Art Deco-motivated jewelry pieces made for large Hollywood stars, for example, Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. 

These days, be that as it may, the stone isn’t as uncommon, and therefore, the utilization of citrine has little to do with luxury any longer. Truth be told, for a considerable length of time, Citrine turned out to be so modest and ample, nobody paid attention to it. Presently, be that as it may, there is a full-scale renaissance for this diamond. Its deal cost is not, at this point a handicap, yet a benefit, as it takes into account utilization of enormous stones in jewelry. As a feature of the pattern, jewelry creators are utilizing enormous, strong gems-many cuts in a cubist way, to give bunches of sprinkle for the cash. Citrine has discovered courtesy with a spending plan disapproved of by ladies hoping to extend their closets with reasonable bits of jewelry. With regards to giving earth-conditioned hues to ladies on a tight spending plan, citrine has no genuine rivalry so far.

What are the benefits of citrine?

There are numerous points of interest in the citrine stone with regards to supporting the physical self. It is said that the stone guides urinary, kidney, and digestive ailments. It has additionally been said that citrine help balances the harmful impacts of numerous pharmaceutical medications. It is accepted to be a tonic for the circulatory system, purging the blood. Citrine gives vitality and strengthens the physical body. It is valuable to individuals who are delicate to natural and other outside impacts. 

It is likewise profoundly valuable for turning around degenerative illnesses. It heals all sorts of eye issues, builds blood flow, and enacts the thymus. It has a warming impact that strengthens the nerves. It is proved to ease off constipation and as far as anyone knows helps in expelling cellulite. Absorbing a citrine unadulterated water delivers a remedy, which is accounted for to deliver toxins from the body. As a solution, citrine is additionally useful for ladies and their menstrual issues, for example, PMS and spasms. It is additionally valuable to ladies as it helps in menopausal indications, for example, hot glimmers, by adjusting the hormones and mitigating fatigue. Similarly, as with other yellow gemstones, citrine is utilized to treat bladder maladies and irregular characteristics in the thyroid gland. 

Citrine conveys the ethics of self-healing, motivation, and personal growth. It helps those with discouraged confidence. One’s feeling of self turns out to be more brilliant with a citrine and it assists with anticipating the future hopefully, taking the path of least resistance, rather than clinging to the past. It animates the intellect and mental action and defeats the trouble one may have with verbalizing contemplations and sentiments. 

The gemstone helps in processing data and investigating circumstances, controlling them the correct way, thus helping us discover answers for our issues. Citrine likewise empowers the acknowledgment of helpful analysis and tells you the best way to follow up on it. Holding a citrine helps you to try to avoid panicking in the most testing of circumstances. Along these lines, it is a valuable stone for smoothing gatherings or family dissension. It causes you to tune in to others as opposed to talking across them. 

What are the colors of citrine?

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Citrine is essentially yellow quartz however, its shading ranges from a light lemony yellow to a hearty earthy colored shading with some pleasant orange hues in the middle. The more deep the shading is, the better and an even tone all through sums it as a highly-esteemed gemstone. 

When all is said, the most profoundly esteemed shading citrine has got is its reddish-orange shading, regularly found in Brazil despite the fact that Uruguay delivers some magnificent hued citrine. The golden-orange to practically reddish earthy colored Madeira citrine is a genuine case of the most looked for after shading in citrine. Another dark red-orange citrine is the fire citrine, a business trademark for a warmth treated citrine quartz mined in one explicit mine, the Linha Estefania Mine in Brazil. 

To somewhat confound matters, common citrine is esteemed more than treated citrine yet regular citrine isn’t frequently found in these profound reddish-orange tones so once in a while a characteristic lighter yellow citrine of fine clearness and cut well will order a considerably more significant expense. 

Citrine varieties 

Citrine is a sort of quartz and the different names associated with it are typically subject to its shading. A portion of the more famous varieties are as per the following 

1.Yellow citrine – Lemony yellow shading at times called lemon citrine 

2. Golden citrine – Golden yellow citrine 

3. Madeira citrine – Golden orange to reddish-brown citrine 

4. Fire citrine – A business trademark for deep orange citrine 

5. Palmeira citrine – Bright orange citrine 

It is also worth remembering that lemon quartz isn’t a citrine! Genuine lemon quartz is plain quartz being lighted to make the charming lemon shading.

How to identify whether my citrine is real or fake?

Citrines are one of the most well known yellow stones utilized in adornments making. In any case, individuals may sell you shaded glass rather than a genuine stone. Consequently, it is imperative to have the option to perceive a portion of the highlights of a genuine citrine gemstone. At the point when you search for citrines, you are probably going to go over three kinds of them. The first is genuine citrines otherwise known as common citrines. They are costly and have an even shading tone. In the event that the stone shows hints of different hues, for example, orange or green, it’s anything but a characteristic one. The subsequent assortment is cooked or prepared citrines. 

Also, these are not even citrines. They are mere heat-treated stones utilized economically for gems making. Cooked citrine or citrine made in a lab regularly includes uncommon changes in shading. The tips might be dim while the base is as yet white. The area is likewise a decent pointer of its genuineness. Check if the citrines on your gems are from Africa or Brazil. In the event that indeed, they are bound to be genuine ones. 

The third is shaded glass and the synthetic assortment. These are neither citrine nor are they gems. They are fake ones! One of the characterizing highlights of such fakes stones is that they will show up clear. While this may appear to be attractive, normal citrine typically has an overcast appearance around the base. On account of shaded glass, you can even notification bubbles and other glassy qualities.

How much does citrine cost?

Citrine is nothing but an exceptionally costly diamond and even the most delightful models and huge clear precious stones are truly moderate in front of this. 

The most significant factor in deciding the estimation of citrine is its shading, solid yellows to oranges, reds, and browns with predictable shading immersion lead to the most significant pricing. Obviously, with shading come clearness, cut, and carat size and they all add to the cost of a citrine gemstone. The most elevated shade of citrine is the deep red-orange tones frequently alluded to as Madeira or Fire Citrine. Lighter hues for the most part have a lower cost.


1. Which chakra is citrine associated with?

Answer: In common terms, a chakra is an energy point in your body. There are 7 chakras in total: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacred, and Root. Being a perfect yellow stone, citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. It strengthens your body, keeps you away from negativity, etc.

2. Is citrine a gemstone?

Answer: Yes, citrine is a gemstone for November which is believed to bring calmness and prosperity.

3. What jewelry is citrine suitable for?

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Answer: Citrine has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Hence, it is durable to a good extent and suitable for daily wearables like rings, necklaces, etc.

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